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Unread 09-15-2012, 04:46 PM
alanwattsblues alanwattsblues is offline
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Default The logic of steroids and weight classes

1) in 2 years or so, i'd like to compete in middleweight raw powerlifting and strongman for fun (231/242lb classes probably, I have a large bone structure - casey butt estimates lifetime 205 LBM - am at 180-185 LBM right now and am somewhat lean - 15% and would like to go as low as I can without losing significant strength)

2) i'm natural and I'd like to stay that way

3) i'm 6'2'' with a 6'6'' wingspan, and have a slightly lower than normal torso/leg ratio (i dunno about my femurs) for a caucasian man

My question is this: Do weight classes mitigate the advantages of steroids, or just exacerbate/maintain them?

All strength athletics favor people with broad shoulders and wide hips like me.

However, sports like olympic weightlifting and geared powerlifting unambiguously favor people with large, compact bone structures (big torsos and stubby arms and legs).

You would expect, between two guys in the same weight class with the same amount of LBM, a guy at his genetic potential for his bone structure, and a guy with a smaller bone structure who has used steroids to exceed his genetic potential for his bone structure, the juicer guy with the smaller bone structure will win because of a smaller range of motion.

In raw powerlifting/strongman (correctly me if I'm wrong on this, because I'm just a novice) the presence of the (much more important) deadlift and things like the atlas stones make it less straightforward between large stubby guys and large long guys.

Obviously, to win at heavyweight, you have to juice, but if you are a middleweight, are you still at a disadvantage against smaller people who are exceeding their genetic potential with roids?

I'm asking this because i plan to stay natural and am competing mostly just to have fun/b/c I love the sports, but I want realistic expectations at the same time.
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Unread 09-17-2012, 07:38 AM
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Miknal Miknal is offline
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People who juice will be able to train harder, train longer, recover more quickly, retain mass easier, lose the weight more quickly allowing for longer gaining periods...they are not just for size.

All that aside, assuming we are just talking about PED's that give extra size, imagine two people, one 6 foot, one 5 foot ten. Both have the same proportional bone structure, both weigh the same amount. The smaller guy is more likely to be stronger.

I get what you are saying, that long length in some ways (arms in deadlift for example) can be an advantage. But these events select the body type that works best overall. So pick a sport that needs short limbs, and guys on drugs with short limbs will win, pick a sport that needs long limbs, and long limbed guys on drugs will win. If a sport has a variety of demands, there will be an overall average body type that will be the best, and drugs will improve it.

That is all especially true for strength/endurance sports, as the skill/strategy part is less than a sport like, say, soccer. And since PED's don't help as much with skill and strategy, they give more of an advantage.

And yes, this sucks.

Basically, if you want to compete naturally and do not be at a huge disadvantage, you will need to stick to "natural" competitions, where drug testing is taken very seriously. And hope people don't slip through.

Last edited by Miknal : 09-17-2012 at 07:41 AM.
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