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Unread 12-14-2015, 06:11 AM
cstephens93 cstephens93 is offline
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Default 1 Day refeed question

In the situation of a cat 1 dieter (estimated 15% bf or below) and a cat 1 exerciser, looking to get leaner, is a 1 day refeed too much?

In other words, according to my estimation, Im about 134lbs of LBM and for a 1 day refeed, every 7 days, I would take in about 500-800 carbs in 12-24 hours.

I feel like this is a TON of carbs and calories in comparison to if I just had a free meal

But my other question is, when comparing a free meal to a refeed.

Lets say a days calories comes to 4200kcals including a free meal, coming from 160g Fat, 400g Carbs, and 290g of protein vs a controlled refeed that puts you at a total daily kcal intake of 4200kcals with 40g Fat, 160g Protein, and 800g Carbs.

Would the refeed be far less likely to result in stored fat?
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