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Unread 02-14-2013, 03:52 PM
Telemaco Telemaco is offline
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Default Hi! Newcomer asking for help

Hi all

I have been reading this website and forum for a year and finally decided to post.

First I would like to thanks to the author and all the communuty for sharing all this information. Second, sorry for my english, it is not my mother tongue and maybe it is not correct sometimes.

I am very thin, small boned, I looks like a classical hardgainer, a skinny fat hardgainer. Height 5,91 and weight 143 lb. I am 41 male.

I have been weightlifting since a year and a half. I started with Casey Butt beginner program, with gave me some gains, but not much because I was not eating enough. Then I moved to HST program. Not visible gains here, maybe I was not still eating enough at the beginning, but when I added more and more calories I gained only fat. After reading this forum I learned that probably I need more volume per session.

I decided to start GBR but I have two conditions that forces me to slightly change the exercise selection:

1. I train at home with dumbells, berbell and a bench

2. I had a surgery in my shoulder 15 years ago and never recovered the delt muscles, they are all atrophiated. My range of movement is limited, I cannot do overhead presses. Fortunately I have not pain at all. I would like to add more isolated exercise for my shoulder, although I have not many hopes with it.

So I adpated GBR for me:


Dumbells splt squat 3x6-8
Stiff-legged deadlift 3x6-8
Hack squat 2x10-12
Calf raise 3X6-8
Seated calf 2X10-12


Dumbell flat bench: 3X6-8
Barbell Row 3X6-8
Dumbell front raises 2X10-12
Dumbell lateral raises 2X10-12
Chin ups 2X10-12
Dumbell Decline Triceps Extensions 1X12-15
Dumbell inline curl 1X12-15
Dumbell rear delt row (one arm) 1X12-15

Coming from low volume (1-2 sets, fullbody three session per week), I think I will do GBR three days per week, alternating upper and bottom, for gradual increase. If I can recover from that, but still I have not gains then I will do 4 days/week.

Please advice.

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