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Unread 02-28-2011, 05:47 AM
ziggy256 ziggy256 is offline
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Default Chocolate / Yogurt Pudding

Sugar Free Choc Jello Pudding Mix
(22g Jello / 57g dried skimmed + 250ml water)

Blend with electrical wisk, pour into container to set, when set add 200g fat free vanila yogurt.

Top with sliced bananna and pecans

Macros (approx)

Cals 630 P = 40g F = 11g

You can also freeze the mix.

I use milk powder because you can get more protein that way, 57 g is enough to make a pint put I only add 20ml so that the jello sets.

PS Does anyone have an alternative to sugar free Jello pudding mix which is available in the UK / Great Briton?

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Unread 02-28-2011, 11:28 AM
jigglypuffs's Avatar
jigglypuffs jigglypuffs is offline
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Here's something I use a ton of:

Chobani greek yogurt (I don't care about the brand so much as I do the nutritional profile, and at the store I shop at, this one has the best profile for my needs - low to zero fat, low carbs, higher in protein):

I use 4 (6oz) containers of the plain as the base.
P: 72g
F: 0g
C: 28g

Then I take chocolate protein powder (I have used many sources, doesn't much matter - I happened to buy 20lbs of Optimum or something like that recently, so that's what I use - but anything should work) and add however many scoops I want to get the rest of the protein I want for the day.

Put the powder in, stir it up (could use a mixer or something, but I just use a big bowl and the spoon I will use to eat it).

A frequent meal for me will be the above with 4-6 scoops of choc whey added (100-150g additional protein), a bowl of baby carrots and some low cal blue cheese dressing, and then a pint of sparkling water.

I would rather eat steak, but this is fast and easy when I'm in a hurry.

On higher carb days, I will have a few of either the vanilla or the honey Chobani yogurts in the same way, with protein powder added - they are delicious (to me at least).
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