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Unread 01-25-2018, 04:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Roger Shredderer View Post
But if you actually follow the recommendations of volume these days, you're never adding weights because you can't recover.

All this volume obsession nowadays comes from stupid MRV concept.

Volume doesn't build strength. At best it builds strength potential.

Minimal effective volume > Maximal recoverable volume, for both strength and hypertrophy.
"He never had the makings of a varsity athlete"
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Unread 01-25-2018, 09:05 AM
PyromanXP PyromanXP is offline
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To Roger shrederrer,

I still got a decent amount of strength just using lyle GBR (last week I Overhead pressed 62.5kg for 8 reps @85kg bodyweight) and regarding my other number that's not amazing but estimated 1rm 150kg squat, 190kg dl & bp 125kg are all acceptable (ive looked at powerlifting minimals in my country, France (lol) it's over the regional ones)

I just feel that things are not optimized, even Lyle said in the GBR thread "this is NOT the Generic Strength Routine" .

So regarding the efficience of lyle routines on muscle mass, I would have been glad to hear his "cookie cutter routine" on strength.

Anyway I think I'll give try to gzcl after my cut on GBR, it's not that far from it regarding the exercises I chose.
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Unread 01-25-2018, 11:33 AM
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Lyle had said this in the past about strength oriented cycles on the GBR. It may be a way to go if you like the workout set up as is -

each cycle lasts 6-8 weeks (2 week submax runup + 4-6 weeks pushing the weights), you can repeat it in subsequent cycles, you can switch exercises or rep ranges or both. don't switch antyhing within a given cycle. I was thiking earlier today that a nice progression would be a cycle of

6-8+10-12 ('pure' hypertrophy)
5's + 8-10 (strength/hypertrophy)
3's+6-8 (strength emphasis)
then repeat.
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Unread 03-09-2018, 10:21 AM
PyromanXP PyromanXP is offline
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For now I'm still on lyle GBR for my cut, but will definitely try GZCL method after it.

It's not very far from GBR anyway, (to summarize) just adding another exercise on 2-5 rep range before doing the 5-8 reps work and working with % based on goal weights.

The thing I was wondering if there is any study on frequency training vs strength gains. All I am finding is about hypertrophy (mostly brad schoenfeld).

Because if I am doing the routine as I plan to do (and as I am running the GBR right now) it will give :
- Monday : main lift squat (2-5 range) + front squat (5-8 range) + leg ext/curl 3x12 & calves & abs
- Wednesday : main lift BP (2-5) + chest sup row & CGBP (5-8) + incline flys/supination lat pulldown/lat raises (3x12) & facepull/biceps/triceps (1-2x12-15)
- Friday : main lift sumo deadlift (2-5) + deficit sumo (5-8) + leg ext/curl 3x12 & calves & abs
- new Monday : main lift OHP + pullups & incline bench + flys/chest sup row/lat raises & facepull/biceps/triceps (1-2x12-15)

Do you think this could be optimal ? Working the same lift only once every 10 days, or would it make sense to switch the 5-8 range exercises from both leg days in order to have at least "one deadlift movement & one squatting movement" every 5 days ?

Still sad that Lyle did not write the generic strength training... (if you read me I'm ready to buy it )
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