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Unread 01-04-2011, 07:42 AM
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Default bstrong's log: cat 1, 42 yo F

I began a cycle of RFL yesterday, in advance of an event coming up in mid Feb. My current plan is to do one cycle, take a break, then start UD2.0, but I'll see where I am in two weeks.

Starting stats:

42 yo female
148.5 lbs, 5'8.75"
appx. 17% BF (estimate only, based on BF estimate thread + experience)
cat 1, weight lifter

waist: 28"
hips: 37"
thigh: 21.75"

Targeted macros:
247g protein
<20 g. carb on nonlifting days, 30-ish g on lifting days including w/out drink
<20 g. fat (3-4 g/meal) + 10g from fish oil

Day 1:
27 g. carb, including 12g carbs while lifting, all veggies
40 g. fat, including trace in veggies and 10 g. from fish oil caps
135 g. protein
supps: 10 g. fish oil, multivitamin, calcium, glucosamine + chondroitin

Upper body workout
2.5 hours light-effort downhill skiing as part of an elementary school trip

Obviously, I need to increase my protein. I'm used to eating protein at every meal, but not 82 gram's worth. I'll have to break over the psychological hump of having just one portion: e.g., 82 grams is 2 cans of tuna, not my usual one can. (Eating more than 3 meals isn't going to work into my schedule.)

The hardest part of the day was eliminating the cream in my coffee, and not eating any fruit. I don't typically eat pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, corn, or other starchy foods, anyway. I'm not allergic to them nor am I a paleo nut; I just learned long ago that if I avoid bread & pasta, I can eat foods that I enjoy a lot more (e.g., a wider range of veggies, fruit, fattier protein sources) and still maintain my weight.

Will post "before" pics in another post, y'all can tell me if my body fat estimate was off enough to make a difference in my protein requirements.

//b. strong
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