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Unread 06-26-2018, 12:44 PM
rowmaho rowmaho is offline
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Talking Confused on BF% and protein intake

I do not know my body fat percentage at the moment. However, I am 95% sure I am less than 25% (maybe 20-22%), which as a female, puts me into diet category 1. Based on activity level (weight training), that puts me at nearly 198g of protein a day...and if I do just chicken, that's approx 825 calories in just chicken. That doesn't include any veggies I might have. 825 calories doesn't seem like rapid fat loss to me. Yes, it's low, but if I change my BF% to 25%, it throws me into category 2 and drops me down to 121g of protein a day and at 500 calories. That's a BIG drop for 1%. I'm an NPC bikini competitor who is trying to jump start my weight loss as I started late for my cut. So, obviously I want to maintain as much muscle as possible. Given the reason I'm trying this. Any suggestions? I've done 5 competitions in the past, so I'm familiar with diets, weight training, cardio, etc. Speaking of cardio, should I just wait until I've completed this cycle and then start my cardio? Because I'll still be weight training 3x/wk.
Also, I love veggies. And since Lyle has changed it to not unlimited, what is the suggestion for my intake? I don't want to eat too many. And I also love pickles. My pickles say 0 calories and >1g Carbs. Does that mean I can eat several and not worry about it?
Thank you!
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Unread 06-26-2018, 04:49 PM
lylemcdonald lylemcdonald is offline
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You can probably split hte middle on protein at 1.5 g/lb LBM rather tahn 2 g which will bring the calorie count down by a couple of hundred but rapid is kind of relative here.

Relative to a typical moderate diet where you might be getting 0.5 lbs/week, RFL for the very lean might be double that or a bit more. its' only in the higher BF% that you see 2-4 lbs/week true fat loss.

So far as vegetables, I'd say limit it to one cup cooked per meal
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