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Unread 07-05-2018, 03:49 AM
YayOrNay YayOrNay is offline
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Default Water Rentention


Age : 23

Weight : 106.2 kg/234.1 lb
Current: 104.6 kg
Goal Weight: 95 kg/209.4 lb

Height :186 cm

I know it's bound to happen, but is there really nothing that can be done to control it? I feel like I hit what people would call a "plaetue" so quickly, which is obviously just water retention because theres literally no physical way for me to not be losing weight, but I am surprised at how fast it kicked in.

I am not really a stressed person, so my question is, is my body really producing such a stress based physical response to cause such a high level of retention? I mean it's not like I plan on stopping, I wanted to hit the 2 month mark, then go back to something more reasonable, I already did PSMF sucessfully once, and even then water retention was I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.ty, we all react to postive results, it's psychological so I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to dampen the retention, would something like dandelion root work?

LOG: This is a log I posted on Reddit, theres a jump between 12-19 but I self recorded that on a notepad, and it ranged from 104.6-105.4(refeed)

I was already on low carb prior to doing my 2nd PSMF cycle, so that would explain the inital lack of a huge drop.

June 17th - 106.3kg - day 1

June 18th - 106.3kg - day 2

June 19th - 106.3kg - day 3

June 20th - 105.8kg - day 4

June 21st - 105.8kg - day 5

June 22nd - 106.0kg - day 6

June 23rd - 105.4kg - day 7

June 24th - 105.4kg - day 8

June 26th - 104.9kg - day 10

June 28th - 104.7kg - day 12

July 5th - 104.7kg - day 19

Routine -

Monday - Lifting/30 min Cardio

Tuesday - REST

Wenesday - Lifting/30 min cardio

Thursday - REST

Friday - Lifting/30 min Cardo

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Rest

My 'cardio' and I use this term very lightly, is literally a 3 mph 30 minute stroll on the treadmill for pure habit, I don't really have any work right now so besides my lifting/little stroll theres almost no activity unless you count basic levels fo NEAT around the house, I shutdown my social life during my spurts of PSMF because it's easier to handle without your friends badgering you to go out drinking etc, I doubt this base level of movement is contributing to the retention as I am literally not breaking a sweat, but I would love for some outside input.

TL;DR I hate water retention, but I understand it's a part of any diet especially extreme protocols such as PSMF, but I am curious as to why it hit me so early, etc etc, thanks for reading
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