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Unread 06-28-2018, 01:27 PM
dunitlongpole dunitlongpole is offline
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Default Increasing Refeed Frequency/Duration and "transition" back to low carb?


So, i'll try to make my question as clear and simple as possible...I have a bad habit of rambling on...

I am at about 12%-14% BF right now. I have been "flexibly" dieting down for the last couple of months using a combination of exercise, PSMF/RFL days and standard keto days.

I have had a cheat meal about once every 14 days or so. Maximum 1.5 hours in duration or so, not really worrying about calories or fat.

It usually takes me about a half a day or so and a cardio session to get feeling "ok" once again (no more massive lethargy, no headache, etc), and then I just continue on with what I have been doing.

I want to incorporate an entire "refeed day" - a full, three meal day of eating carbs, once a week and see how that works.

My main question is as follows...

For people who have done this, does your body get used to the 6 days keto, one day high carb? I know that UD 2.0 uses something similar to this (5/2), but my main fear is feeling like crap every time I have to make the transition from high carb to low carb once again.

In my mind, if I have a cheat meal for 1.5 hours max, the transition back isn't that big of a deal. But, if i go for a full day with carbs, will it take me longer to get back to feeling normal after I take the carbs out again? Does the duration of the carb refeed really play that big a role in how you feel making the transition back, or is my mind playing games on me?

Thanks in advance...
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Unread 06-28-2018, 02:48 PM
Little_Joe77's Avatar
Little_Joe77 Little_Joe77 is offline
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Iíve done 2 rounds of UD2.0, with no issues in the transition. I also use a 12hr refeed once a week with flexible dieting(low carb not keto). In my experience the transition from the high carb day back to low carb is nil.

I find that I look forward to carb day during the week and feel great for several days afterward.

Although, the high carb day can somewhat be an energy roller coaster. Usually a shot of ACV with the larger carb meals helps. I also follow the flexible dieting refeed guidelines closely.

After carb day, weight will be up, but I almost always look leaner.
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