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Unread 07-19-2018, 03:43 PM
Dave I Dave I is offline
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Default Category 3 Exercise Question

This should be a quick one, but I had a clarification question on the exercise.

Short version, I am "wrapping up" a novice program and do a mix of barbell training (Starting Strength) and kettlebell training (swings, snatches, and TGUs).

Slightly longer version...In addition to being near the end of the novice stage, I know effective immediately my gains will pretty much stop, hence the quotes around wrapping up. I'll reset and finish up the novice program once I'm leaner and move on to an advanced novice or intermediate program for the barbell training. I'm not expecting much more progress while going on the RFL diet. The kettlebells are mainly for conditioning, and just because I happen to enjoy snatches, TGUs, and swings.

So my question: Should I drop down to just the 2x a week lifting right away and drop the kettlebell work entirely, or should I just taper off as energy levels drop, sort of like in autoregulation. And if there's a thread that covers this that I missed, please let me know.

As for my details...I'm 40 years old with a BMI of 32 and estimated 29% body fat. Not sure if that changes much as far as recommendations, but figured I might as well include it.
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