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Unread 12-07-2014, 10:55 PM
mikemike12 mikemike12 is offline
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Default Negative glycogen balance on maintenance diet?

My macros for current diet break are

240g Protein ( 960 kcal )

140g Fat ( 1260 kcal )

120g Carb ( 480 kcal )

2700 kcal total

Now I do a lot of volume training and seem to be burning a lot of glycogen, more than 120g carbs daily will replenish. Is this a problem? I like to eat lowish carb in general but have the carbs at 120 because that's around what lyle recommends as the min for moving hormones back to normal on diet break. Do I need to raise carbs and lower fat to get the full benefits of diet break?

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Unread 12-08-2014, 08:26 AM
Bacfa Bacfa is offline
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I do pretty much exactly the same with lower calories. Never thought this would be problematic, but indeed it might.. Good question, hopefully someone chimes in.
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Unread 12-27-2014, 09:13 PM
elpaisita's Avatar
elpaisita elpaisita is offline
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By the time you get to a diet break, your insulin sensitivity should be sky high. A big part of the point is to capitalize on that. Lots of repair and rejuvenation.
Unless you're in a hardcore contest-prep phase, you're shorting yourself by keeping carbs so low.

You can also enhance that effect with metformin (if your diet is reasonably low in fat) and/or berberine (pretty much across the board).
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