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Unread 03-31-2018, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by jcf View Post
Just moved. New company has a pretty nice gym and it is free and more importantly, constantly close to empty. Two squat racks and in three visits haven't seen anyone else use either.

Problem is the leg curl machine just doesn't work for me. Assuming I am doing back squat, RDL, leg press I am thinking I probably find a way to brace my feet for a Nordic leg curl? There is this glute kickback machine thing I have never seen before as an option. I also have a normal adjustable cable tower. Any thoughts? Any good option I am missing (good morning, sldl)?
Cable pull throughs? Although that's another hip hinge rather than a curl.
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Unread 03-31-2018, 04:57 AM
w1cked w1cked is offline
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Ghr or nordic curls good they knee flexion
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Unread 03-31-2018, 07:31 AM
LightCrow LightCrow is offline
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You can do Doggcrapp’s favorite of a leg press with heels very high on the machine to target hams. I can’t find a picture online but the DC video had an exercise I picked up that was done on a 45 degree back extension machine. You keep your back straight and only move at the knees. Sort of like a poor mans’s GHR for those of us that don’t have one at our gyms.

And why do most gyms ride the leg curl suck train? The gym I train at is perfect aside from the fact it only has a fairly crappy seated leg curl.
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Unread 04-01-2018, 07:58 AM
AlphaBettor AlphaBettor is offline
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My gym has a seated leg curl machine that puts the bracing pad below the knee, and as you curl, the (nonadjustable) pad drives into your lower leg. It's one of the dumbest designs I've ever seen, possibly second only to the leg press next to it that has a concave sled. I don't even know how these got past alpha testing (heh.)

Luckily my gym does have a halfway decent lying leg curl, so I use that. It's a pretty common scenario. You can debate the merits of seated vs lying leg curls but sometimes it just comes down to what your gym has and what is usable.

If the answer to that is 'none' then you make do with nordic curls or GHR or modify leg press/lunge variations or do extra hip hinges or..
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