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Unread 04-07-2018, 11:12 PM
slade slade is offline
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Default Sanity check my progress and goals

Hey everyone,

I've been doing a slow cut for ~7 months (interrupted with a few vacations and experiments with UD2.0 and RFL). My stats and progress are:

5'10", 190 lbs
~22-24% body fat (estimate from a DEXA scan ~1 month in)

161 lbs
12.2% body fat (DEXA) or 9% (Bod Pod)
bench 225x3, squat 225x5, deadlift 315x5

Consistent routine for the past 12 months, with slight strength increase but nothing major. Lifting program is similar to GSLP, but no/little progression as I'm cutting. Cardio is 3x martial arts classes a week, fasting for ~6 hours before class + yohimbine to try to aid with stubborn fat loss.

I'm maintaining ~1lb/week fat loss on ~2,000 cals/day (1500-1800 most days, with refeeds). I'm definitely feeling a performance hit in terms of cardio/endurance in the gym.

My priorities are:
80% - want to shed the stubborn fat on my chest. I really hate the man boobs.
10% - gain muscle. I'm okay where I'm at if I can just be lean, although I wouldn't mind hitting advanced lifting numbers.
10% - improve endurance and performance in the gym (stop cutting)

What's your take on where I should go from here? My gut is telling me I need to keep following SFS until I can shed the last bit of stubborn fat, although I'm not a fan of getting winded 15 minutes into each 60 minute class. The general advice given online also seems to be that 9% on bod pod is plenty lean enough, I'm risking LBM loss, and I'm never going to be happy with how I look unless I bulk more before getting lean. So I want a sanity check. Keep cutting until I finally don't feel fat for once, or am I stricken by body dysmorphia and do I just need to bulk.

Where I'm at now:
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