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Unread 03-27-2014, 12:08 AM
GoldenDilemma GoldenDilemma is offline
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Default GD's Bulk Log - Training, Food and Caloric Burn Brag Report!

OK, so if you have read through my UD 2.0 log you realized I am finished and have moved to maintenance.

Let's get to it:

Legs 1 - Posterior
Chest/Back - 1
Shoulders Arms - 1

Legs 2 - Anterior
Chest/Back - 2
Shoulders/Arms - 2


That's my split. Weak points which will feature specialization include: glutes, anterior delts, abs, and overall mass. Big focus on rounding out shoulders and packing on dat glute size. Cuz I don't look too good right now dieted down.

Today was legs 1. Here's how it looked:

Squat 5 x 5
Leg Extension 2 x 10
Barbell Hip Thrust 4 x 8
Reverse Hyper 4 x 8
GHR 4 x 7
Cable Pull Through 4 x 10
Seated Calve Raise 3 x 8
Donkey Calve Raise 4 x 8

Let's talk caloric burn for today... As per my Bodybugg, it was shy of 3,900.

For the next week I am eating at "maintenance". To calibrate the accuracy of the Bodybugg, I will take 93% of the number it gives me and treat that as it's maintenance. And, today, my cals were give or take right near 3,550 - 3,600.

Although, I made a MAMMOTH cheesecake and licked a few spoons so I am sure I am in the slightest surplus ever. But whatever. I will keep things tight this next week, watch the scale every day and see how things look.

Macros are gonna be pretty simple. 200g pro and I will fill out the rest with carbs or fat depending. But, I'll keep 3,500 as my "baseline" to shoot for and see what changes there are over the week. Likely when it comes to surplus, I will do 93% of burn # and then just add 150 - 200. I am only looking to be gaining 1.5lbs - 2lbs a month. Very slow. I want to be progressing in weight room; not making huge jumps on scale. Give me 6 months and then I will run 2 weeks of RFL and repeat this process.

As I said in my cut log, today I weighed in at 176.7 and I am still puffy and haven't pooped in 2 days. I figure I am lighter.

Here's a preview of the cheesecake I made. If you can guess the macros or total caloric value, I will give you an e-hug:

I need sleep. More tomorrow.

p.s.: I just realized give that it's 2:07am and my bodybugg logged as of midnight that I am technically in a cal deficit given the additional 2 extra hours of burn... and I haven't eaten anything. Whatever. Playing it safe. It took months to burn 53lbs of fat off and I'm not planning to add that back anytime soon!
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