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Unread 04-01-2017, 04:45 AM
BigPecsPeter BigPecsPeter is offline
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Originally Posted by tyler163 View Post balance is 1500 i eat 600 gr carbo 100 fat 100 protein. Total 3700 kcal. 2200 over manteinance.
The body store the 100 fat.900 kcal. And 1300 kcal extra of carbo is for a kind of magic no relevant in the fat gain. Obviously i take high number kn a day but that could be a 100 kcal extra over aprox 10 days.
Ok. I take home message. You re right. I m wrong.
There is no magic. The extra carbs will mostly be used to fill glycogen stores. If you keep doing this, however, then your body will MAX OUT its glycogen stores. At that point, there's nothing more to store, and the excess carbs will undergo DNL and start to be converted to fat.

Get it? No magic. The carbs don't disappear. They're used. But first to max out stores, and then ultimately fat conversion will begin.

And, most importantly, these ARE extreme circumstances of very high calorie surplus etc. Just what I've been saying all along. Sustained periods of overfeeding, and yes, DNL can happen, and it can be significant too.

Btw, you wouldn't be able to recreate the scenario you posted with a 100kcal per day surplus. That would simply be a situation where dietary fat gets converted to body fat. You would never max out on glycogen.
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Unread 04-01-2017, 12:35 PM
tyler163 tyler163 is offline
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Bodybuilders oriented with diet every day high carbo or some country yes they could. The difference i think is in your country the big excess is "fat" in my country carbo. Think he mlst "fat"...a xmas pastry in italy have 15 gr fat 60 carbo x 100 if you induge in that you re gain fat i think more from carbo than fat. While in usa fat content is higher. When i overeat i have hard time to get 100 gr fat
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