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Unread 01-06-2019, 08:10 PM
Milkman Milkman is offline
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Originally Posted by zLeeKo View Post
Ok, since no one wants to hurt your feelings, I will. Your question is beyond dumb.
Ok, I will ask. How tall are you? Because your

As a fellow 6'3" inch person I can tell you for certain it's a lot different to train than being short. I know this because I started when I was 5'9" in high school and then grew the next year up to my present height. Unfortunately I also quit training for 30 years...damnit!

Now I think a good trainer would have knowledge of how to train a tall person and also realize that things work differently. I simple up front question asking how many people over 6' tall have you trained should suffice. If the answer is 0 you may want to find someone else.
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Unread 01-17-2019, 11:20 AM
triliad triliad is offline
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when it comes to the height of the trainer it wouldn't matter as long as you are progressing and are pain free which makes it seem like he knows your mechanics. i have a tall friend that can only squat sumo style making him look like a frog. when he tries squatting with a more narrow stance he can't even get half way down without destroying his form or tipping over
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