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Unread 06-16-2017, 08:33 AM
jimike jimike is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
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Default What would you do differently on your next UD2/notes to self?

Hi all,

I've never done UD2 but thinking about finally giving it a go. I was wondering if anyone who has done it would post any tips they'd give to themselves if they were to do it again in the future.

Y'know, like bits of the diet where they've tripped up and fallen off the diet, done stuff that was counter-productive, made stuff harder, etc. Basically anything you wish you knew, that wasn't in the protocols in the book because it relates to your own idiosyncratic behaviors, weaknesses, etc.

For example, using my experience of RFL (as I've not done UD2) i'd say to myself:

-Always preprepare tomorrow's lunch the night before (as you'll never be able to find RFL-worthy food near work. Ever!!!).
-Make sure you are STOCKED up on loads of herbs and spices and low cal condiments/salsa.
-Fry almost everything (except fish) as it tastes much better. Stir-fry as much as you can as you're pretty decent at it.
-Eat much more protein at lunch otherwise you find yourself trying to eat huge amounts of protein in a tiny window in the evening when you're genuinely not hungry.
-Count to 5 before responding to a question regarding if you wish to be bought takeaway food. Your rational part of your brain will have a delay in comprehending what's happening, whilst some non-conscious vocal part will respond 'yes' with a few tenths of a second ;-)

Obviously everyone's comments might be different and everyone will find different parts harder or easier than others but hopefully we can get some benefit about what were the positive and tricky parts brought up. Thanks.

Now your turn UD2'ers. Go :-)

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Unread 06-16-2017, 01:39 PM
farrenator farrenator is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2012
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1) Find low calorie foods that fix your cravings, because you will get them. For me UD2 is a schizophrenic diet that produced weird cravings - sweets for me, since I don't normally crave sweets. Sugar free cough drops work.

2) Soup is your friend.
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Unread 06-17-2017, 12:42 AM
JDPbrah's Avatar
JDPbrah JDPbrah is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2017
Posts: 120

1) wait until you are 12% or lower. I started at 15 or 16. By the time I was done with a 4 week cycle I realized I could have gotten there much more faster and more enjoyable had I just resisted the urge to try something complicated and interesting. It should be more like a tool that you use for a few weeks to put the last few percentages away.
2) quest products: chips, cereal bars, protein powder, and protein bars. One each a day made me feel normal and on the day before the tension workout nothing will be so divine .
3) come up with a ritual of eating especially for the psmf or low cal days. Plan it out and stick to it every time. A lot easier then fighting temptations.. it's. Of like you will give in it's just the temptations won't spring up and annoy you. For example I would come up with 2 different meals each day, but my last meal and treats were always the same. The quest bars and chips, and 0% Greek yogurt with a few berries and quest protein mixed in. Cookies and cream yogurt with berries mmm. It was like ice cream sort of. After eating that my mind knew that that was it there was absolutely nothing else being eaten.
4) don't try to progress on depletetion days or even tension days, just don't do it. Get use to that right away. Figure out the weight you need to in order to fullfil the criteria for the sets. Lower the weight each set if you need to in order to keep the 45-60 sec/15-20 reps.
5) the hardest part is the depletion work for legs, specifically leg press. If you can just get past the 6 sets of leg presses for the first day it's mostly downhill from there. You put in the work and you become pot committed.
6) enjoy your carb loads. I made some mistakes trying to keep my fat as low as humanly possible, like 20-30 grams total for all 1450 grams of carbs. It felt fun in my head mastering the carb load but it wasn't the mental rest I needed. It made the though of going back to depletion days almost umbearable. Just enjoy the carb load, mind the fats, but don't take the fun out of it.
7) Also don't bulk cook food for the carb load. Get variety you will feel like you missed out on opportunities to indulge in gummy bears, halo top icecream, bagels, homage pizza, pasta come depletion days. Get as much of everything you crave in your belly
8) when you start ud2 understand in your bones that you are losing fat and sparing muscle as efficiently as possible. Your mind is going to try to second guess everything because your body is going to be doing so insane stuff. Nothing will ever be normal. It's like the embracing the Buddhist idea of impermanence.. nothing will ever be normal or stay the same. It is a lot less of a psychological rollarcoaster when you trust the diet and follow it exactly. One sy you will be bloated one day you will be dry and chiseled, weeks before a woozy. Just accept it as part of your body's crazy process. As soon as you do that then it can be fun to watch from the sidelines at your body trying to figure out what wacky stuff your doing to it.
9) take beginning pic! Take weekly pics, take weekely caliper measurements, waist measurements and scale measurements religiously in the exact same time in your cycle. Put them in an excel sheet. Probably the most rewarding thing I've done in regards to diet was documenting my 12+ weeks of ud2. With 7 site caliper readings, dexa scans, pics, etc. and then graphing these things out in excel and using the chart options to forcast where I would be in two weeks or so should I stay the course. Kept me plugging away one week after another.
10) take the diet breaks every 4 weeks. For me at least 4 weeks was about all I could "enjoy" I started questioning my resolve when I would get to 6 straight weeks and adherence would be risked.
11) taking a hot soak in the tub with Epson salts after depletion made me feel like a gladiator
12) haribo gummy bears seem extra good after tension workout
13) halo top icecream
14) sleep can be difficult at times for some reason after the first depletion workout, melatonin by the bedside was good insurance
15) read the book often. Remind yourself that ud2 is extremely well thought out and at times you will question it. Read the book to remind yourself about certain things
16) cardio: just walk. Seriously I was trying to do all this different stuff, but when it comes down to it just walk on a treadmill with a healthy 7% incline at 3 mph. Some caffeine and yohimbine and stream some shows to your phone and just enjoy it. Don't be messing with cardio too much. Just do the amounts your suppose to and enjoy it. You kick your butt enough during ud2 to be trying to eek out a few hundred cals more a week.
17) Have fun. Ud2 is fun, and it's hard. The first few weeks I did it i was trying to get EVERYTHING I could out of my time and efforts, but it's so mentally draining to do that. Lyle has thought this stuff out just read the book follow the diet and exercise protocols and you will get amazing results. It will be hard to tell at times but take measurements and read the book often and don't try to ring out every scrap of fat, it will come off and you will likely stick to it as long as I have and got the results I did if you take it easy and go light on the cardio and enjoy the carb loads

"No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."
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Unread 06-19-2017, 02:33 AM
jimike jimike is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 116

Wow thanks for the great advice. I'll definitely enact a lot of the things you both have said. I'll leave doing UD2 until I get leaner but I'll definitely run it at some point (maybe in a month). Thanks :-)
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Unread 07-25-2017, 12:07 PM
katriss katriss is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 31

Great advice there DJPbrah. I second a lot of things you say. Read the book, read it again, its very fun and easy to read, and reading it while doing the program is also very satisfying.

Do. Exactly. What. The book. Says. your mind will say: "maybe I could do it better otherwise", which is a great thought because it leads to progress and experimentation. but with ud2 don't do it, it'll be counterproductive.

For the carbload, I think this is the most personalized part in regards to how you feel and which foods are best for you. for me, having a big variety of carb foods did not end well. in the best carbloads i've had i only used about 2 major sources for the carbs - like cereal and pasta (with some carbs coming from milk and tomato sauce and a tad of chocolate and what not). in one of the best carbloads i've only used mangoes. like seriously i just ate lean protein and a ton of nicely cooled mangoes. it was mango season (and it was hot as hell) and we have Mindblowing mangoes where i live. maybe its less ideal but it wasan amazing carbload and i'll remember it till the day i die. I've wanted to do a beer carbload but never got around to it (probably avoided disaster).

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