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Unread 03-30-2018, 08:36 AM
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Default Elbow Tendonitis

Have had this for a few weeks. Outside of the elbow, not inside.

Pain experienced with gripping (duh). Oddly enough, the pain is almost non-existent if my palm is facing up. If palm is down or in a neutral position...pain. What gives me the most pain: "Pinching" movement. For example, using thumb and finger to squeeze toothpaste out of the bottle.

I'm doing the following and haven't seen a ton of progress:

1. Eccentric wrist curls: Holding 5-8lb dumbells for a few seconds then lowering slowly.

2. Wrist Rotations: Taking weighted bar, holding vertically, then rotating left and right.

3. Theraband "Red Tube" -- Purchased one of these. 3 sets 15 per day.

4. Self Massage: racketball. wall. Press hard.

5. Ice/Anti Inflammatories: doing both.

6. Elbow Band/Brace: Putting pressure just below elbow where tendons meet bone.

Am I missing something?? Any other recommendations??

The lack of progress has me thinking something else is up. I'm tinkering with the idea of getting in touch with an ortho, but not sure there's much they can do and I've read that getting a cortizone shot in the tendon isn't the best of ideas.

Thanks in advance.

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