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Unread 01-08-2018, 03:17 AM
Heterodox Heterodox is offline
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I have learned to listen to my body, i can tell when a diet break is needed without having a set schedule, if i try and push further, i experience the same thing when i go to maintenance again, intense cravings etc, but if i listen to my body i can avoid all of that,

Right now i have found that a 1 week psmf followed by a 3 day refeed, followed by another 1 week psmf and another 3 day refeed etc has turned out more favorably than a 2 week psmf followed by a 1-2 week maintenance break in terms of hunger cravings.

The fact that you were coming of a long time of dieting with a smaller deficit before starting PSMF is likely the main cause, if you were coming from a calorie surplus you would most likely not have this issue. PSMF is fantastic for short periods of rapid fatloss when coming out of a maintenance or calorie surplus phase before hand. If your coming from a deficit already its never going to be smooth sailing, the same with doing multiple cycles of PSMF with short breaks in between, it will lead to these issues if adequate diet breaks are not taken.

It is possible to mitigate these symptoms when you know your own body and can make adjustments as you go but you really have to know your body from experience to do this and if you don't then the recommended diet breaks lyle gives are a must.
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