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Unread 02-12-2017, 12:07 PM
Purple Haze Purple Haze is offline
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Default GBR for advanced: Emphasizing overhead press

Hello to everyone.

I'm lifting for twelve years and prefer train every muscle group twice per week with heavy/light approach.
(But also, I got an excellent result by using UD 2.0 (4x/week frequency)).

Now I making a revision of my Upper/Lower Split using a GBR template and but split up the tension and fatigue work but to keep both in the same week.

In this article, Lyle says, that:
People who want to emphasize overhead press have to make some major changes but thatís outside of the scope of this article.
This is what I trying to do: integrate OHP to my second Upper day.
What is the est way to do that?

This is my current split:

1. Lower (Heavy quads: squat and leg press/ Hypertrophy posterior chain)

2. Upper (Heavy chest/ moderately-heavy back, shoulders, arms)
BB Bench Press 4x6
Pendlay Row 3x8
Incline BB Bench Press 3x8
Vertical Row 2x10
Seated DB Press 2x12
Side Laterals 3x12
Biceps Curls 3x8
Triceps Pushdowns 3x12

3. Rest

4. Lower (Light Squat and Leg Press for volume / Moderately-heavy posterior chain: deadlift + pull-through)

5. Rest

6. Upper (Moderately-heavy shoulders / light chest, back and arms)
OHP 3x8
Vertical Row 3x10
BB Bench Press 3x10
Horizontal cable row 3x12
Incline DB Press 3x12
Side Laterals 3x12
Biceps Curls 3x8
Triceps Pushdowns 3x12

7. rest

This is my version of emphasizing overhead press.

i need a critique. Perhaps there is a better option to do this?

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