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Unread 03-15-2017, 10:24 AM
billb7581 billb7581 is offline
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He's always been a volume eater, I am not saying he never had junk, but he can put away a lot of "clean" food. (a 12 oz center cut NY strip steak, an 8 oz flounder filet, half a bag of mixed vegtables and 2 baked potatoes, salad and glass of milk, then will ask what is for dessert?.. I tell him to dessert the table.

I got a food scale so my entire family can better portion things out. I am trying to demonstrate enjoying food vs wolfing it down and stuffing yourself.

He's basically not trying to put any more weight on.. I told him you can potentially recomposition what you have, but you are really at the upper limit of what you should weigh even if you do potentially grow 3-5 more inches, I have his height charted out and it goes off the scale above 6'4" I would estimate 6'6" to 6'7" judging by the slope of the line, and if I carefully add a couple more units to the Y axis of the chart. (chart stops at 76")

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Unread Today, 01:49 AM
Magumi Magumi is offline
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I discussed this topic recently with my weighlifting coach, who himself started weight training when he was nine years old. He said that they used to spend most of their time doing general athletic stuff, lots of triple jumping and throwing medicine balls, and doing light technical drills, where they honed the technique with a broomstick and later on with technical (5kg to 10 kg) bars. He is 28 today, snatching double his bodyweight and quite healthy and injury free.

I started lifting when I was 14;I did not have a coach and I did not know what I was doing, but still got quite strong rather fast (benchpressed 160 kg at 78 kg when I was 16). However, since I did not have proper technique and did not know how to move or how to balance my training properly, my joints started to suffer soon thereafter, and I think that if I did not take long semi-involuntary breaks in the training when life got in the way, I would suffer from the consequences even today in my fourties.

So my advice would be the same as Lyle's - focus on technique and good mobility and movement, do not limit the activities just on lifting weight, and do not push it too hard until the time is ripe and the boy is ready.
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