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Unread 02-24-2017, 01:28 PM
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Default Getting back to benching

Back Story:
Shoulder pains from Olympic lifts. Worked through it for a long time like a dummy, or never resting it enough. Finally took some time off, rested it, did some rehab work.

I could do jerks again, shoulders felt very stable. Then I wanted to bench press. I still want to bench press. I started benching lots. Then benching screwed up my shoulders again.

Not so much a pain while benching. But the next day, shoulders hurt in the front as they did before, but also an ache in the back.

So I've cut out exercises that can cause issues, resting and rehabbing again. Even things like rows seem to want to bug my shoulders somewhat, but I'm sure thats an issue with me performing them.

I've taken a couple weeks off from pressing so far. I plan to take longer. Does anybody have any recommended exercises to work pressing muscles without bugging the shoulders for when I plan to get back into it?

I recall hearing something about Eric Cressey having a progression from getting back into benching. Does anybody have it?

I've always found overhead pressing to be less hard on my shoulders, even make them feel better sometimes. Sometimes causing a bit of pain after though.

I'm thinking landmine presses, pushups, decline bench, isolation movements? Rowing and pull downs seem to cause issues, but I'd like to do those again as well. I'm thinking a wider grip variant for more of a mid back focus?
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