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Unread 03-18-2017, 11:24 AM
cjthurman cjthurman is offline
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Default My Log: Losing Pounds Equal to Another Whole Person

My name is CJ and this is my first attempt at losing weight doing RFL. I'm creating this log to keep myself accountable to recording how my days are going and what I'm doing right or wrong.

Introduction: I'm down to 300 pounds from 400 pounds by doing LCHF. I actually *LOVE* LCHF and may go back to some form of it when I'm in maintenance. It's an eating style that really suites me and I find it incredibly easy to stick to - most the time. However, I was down to 230ish following it and gained over 60 pounds back (in less than 6 mo!) after I had an emotional nose-dive due to an unfortunate series of events and went off LCHF completely.

History: I have been obese since I can remember. In all my childhood photos I'm extremely heavy. I was in Weight Watchers by grade 3 and I was on 700 calorie diets at age 10. I've literally tried just about every weight loss idea out there. The strange thing with me is that - if I'm honest - I eat a lot less than what "normal" people eat but I've still always been heavy. My body seems to love to hold on to the weight! I was over 350 pounds in high school so I actually weigh less now then I did then thanks to low-carb. The weight has caused me to endure social stigma growing up:never had a boyfriend (until my loss of 150 pounds 3 or 4 years ago), never got invited to parties, never got to play on sports teams, never fit in with my normal size friends, etc. , etc., etc.

Today: I have several events coming up that I would love to be below 200 pounds for if at all possible - well, at least the main one in September so that gives me about 6 months to dedicate myself seriously to RFL. I'm extremely motivated to succeed on this diet because of these events! But more than that - I've decided that I can't live like this anymore. I want to take the weight off and be a happy, healthy person. I'm 46 years old, a single woman (5'7") and weigh almost 300 pounds for goodness sake! Everything is a struggle and I hate it. I hate getting up in the morning. I hate going to work and walking from the parking lot to my office (all up hill). I hate my body - working on that...I know that's not a good attitude to have...but I do. I hate how I look in the mirror and in photos. I hate that I always have to worry about getting an aisle seat on airplanes so that I can raise the armrest because otherwise I don't fit. Oh - and I also have my own "extension belt" for the plane because the seat-belts never fit me! Well, until I got down to the 230s...they won't fit me now that I've gained some back. And one of my events is a trip with multiple flights... I hate that I get bad rashes on places on my body that are smothered in fat. I hate that people think I'm pregnant! Yes - I actually had someone on a bus ask me once when I was due! LOL - well, not so much now that I hit my 40s but still... It's been miserable to say the least and I'm ready to take the next 150+ pounds off for good!

Tomorrow: I'm beginning tomorrow March 19, 2017. I know protein shakes aren't recommended but I have several containers I need to use up because they are about to expire...and, honestly, I've always loved doing protein shakes for breakfast and/or lunch because I'm not hungry at all early in the day and I have trouble forcing down solid food - actually the thought of eating in the morning makes me sick because I'm just not hungry at all. In fact, I usually only eat two meals a day (or one) but I'm going to try to split it into 3 and use protein powder shake along with fresh veggies for two of the meals - at least to start.

Goals: I'm a type 3 obviously and I am planning to add some weight lifting 2-3x week (love weights and actually have a very nice home gym set up in my garage that I've barely used!) so I'm planning on about 100g of protein per day, 20g fat max per day, 20g carb max per day. My first goal is to be under 200lbs by September 4th (going to Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Rio and a jaguar safari in the Pantanal in Brazil...forgot to mention - love wildlife photography...been to Africa, India (tigers), Churchill (polar bears), etc.). I would love to be at goal weight for my trip home for Christmas in December of 2017 but I realize 150 or more pounds in 9 months is unrealistic so I'm going to to my best for December, but plan for goal sometime in mid 2018. My first leg will be 11 weeks (puts me right before my first event) and then I'll do the 2 week break and then plan to continue until my 2nd event in early August and then do a couple more weeks before, unfortunately, I will need to take a rather long break in September for my trip (I'll be gone almost a month!). Hopefully, given that I'll be on the go all day long every day and will be in a foreign country where I won't be eating much of the food (due to water issues, etc.), I won't gain a lot in a 4 week break. After that - back to it until December!

Wow - rather long introduction. It's ok if no one reads it but me Just needed to get it all down to get my mind-set and goals in place before I start tomorrow. I wanted to remind myself of why I'm doing this and how important it is to me. Looking forward to getting started! I'll do initial weigh in and photos tomorrow - plan to do photos every week because I want to do one of those cool time-lapse things when I'm done!

Nothing worth it in life is ever easy, right? I'm ready!
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Unread 03-19-2017, 05:46 AM
cjthurman cjthurman is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2017
Posts: 2
Default Day 1 - Start

Day 1:

Start Weight: 302
BMI: 47.3

Today I'm spending the day cleaning my kitchen, making some sugar free drinks (unsweetened iced tea, cucumber water), and doing "mental-prep." What does that mean? I'm going to watch some inspirational videos! Maybe some people doing a Tough Mudder - I've always wanted to do one...maybe when I lose all the weight... Planning to weigh once a week on Thursday mornings.

Weight Log


Under 300lbs:
Under 250lbs: (for the last time)
No longer "extreme obese" BMI:
Under 229lbs (lowest documented adult weight):
Equal the weight on my driver's license (215):
At 199 (under 200!):
At 185 (no longer obese):
At 154 (no longer overweight):
At BMI of 21.9 (140lbs) or GOAL WEIGHT:
( ) = estimated / desired
Month by Month 302 re-start 3/19/17 (Highest weight = 417)
Weight 03/23/17:
Weight 03/30/17:
Weight 04/06/17:
Weight 04/13/17:
Weight 04/20/17:
Weight 04/27/17:
Weight 05/04/17:
Weight 05/11/17:
Weight 05/18/17:
Weight 05/25/17:
Weight 06/01/17:
Weight 06/08/17:
Weight 06/15/17:
Weight 06/22/17:
Weight 06/29/17:

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Unread 03-19-2017, 04:12 PM
bstrong's Avatar
bstrong bstrong is offline
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Good luck, cjthurman. I'll be following your progress & cheering you on from afar.

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