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Unread 09-10-2009, 05:00 PM
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Default Low Carb Vegetables Galore

Hey everyone!!
This is basically a post so you can all make fun of me for asking this but I thought it was necessary with the amount of veggies i eat. Probably 1-2c at each meal.

I find it very manageable and useful to eat lots of fibrous carbs on my low-carb/low-cal days. Much easier than even say eating a bowl of oatmeal (approx 25g carbs) in the morning and then a piece of high fiber/lo-carb toast or two with the last two meals of the day.

So I eat quite a bit of green beans, broccoli, cabbage with vinegar. I throw in a few hot banana peppers into omelets or even into the protein shakes. (I have 3 "meals" and 3 "shakes") 3 meals are around 300 calories, mostly protein from chicken and the rest is "non calorie" veggies. The 3 shakes are only about 100 calories each.
My question to you is this, I bought some organic fresh beets from the local farmers. DId you know how amazing beets are? Ounce for ounce, they've got just as much* potassium as bananas, and calorie for calorie they've got twice as much potassium!! Crazy i know

I decided to steam the beets in some water on the stove. All the extra red beet coloring, aka "juice?" that gathered in the pan, I poured into a cup and drank it. Now do you think a legitimate amount of carbs were absorbed into the water? I'm pretty sure that what was causing the coloration of the water was intracellularly and wasn't necessarily of carbohydrate materials?

I know, pretty anal. But I ate a few ounces of the beets themselves, so I"m up to about 15g of carbs this meal. lol.
I'm not REALLY concerned with going over my 50g of carbs at all, but I am curious. B/c i looked up the carb content of raw beet juice, but i'm pretty sure whoever found that statistic, is talking about if you throw the whole beet into a juicer.

Also, while I"m on the topic. Lyle, or anyone, do you have a good reference for a nutrition book I could buy that gives all the health benefits of each individual fruit / vegetable. Neat little facts like that Peppers have way more Vitamin C than Oranges, and how Beets have way more Potassium (per calorie) than Bananas, which are touted as the Potassium food.

Thanks ya'll!!!

I'd be interested to see some of you "Seniors" pics if you could show me a link. I"m going to post my progress in a few weeks, after just a few weeks too. It will be about 6-8 weeks progress of the UD2.0... not straight 6-8 weeks, there was a 2 week vacation period in between. And I had 4-5 big calorie days, kind of overboard, but its interesting to see how quickly my body jumped back into shape despite it.
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