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Unread 10-08-2017, 05:29 PM
krk24 krk24 is offline
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Default question about cutting


I was wondering if someone could help me out with my second attempt at cutting.
a few months a go, I found myself in the dilemma of whether to gain weight or cut. I weighed 145 pounds at 5 foot 9, about 15% body fat when comparing myself to charts and visual guides. My goal was and still is around 180lbs at 10% body fat.

I decided in the end to cut, the idea being to get down to 10% body fat, and then start gaining; implementing mini cuts as I went along to roughly maintain that percentage rather than the higher 15% (which I'd rather not go higher than).

The cut didn't really end very well, and I ended up needing a ridiculously low amount of calories (I think I got to 1200 at one point) to see any progress.
Even then I wasn't convinced I was losing anything, and after posting on here I came to understand that my low weight was the issue, in that my my cutting calories had to be that of a bird.

After trying and failing at that for a couple of months, I decided a better decision would be to start by gaining some weight for a bit. That way I'd add some mass and also my cutting calories would increase making a cut bearable.

It's been roughly four months now, and I've added quite a bit of size. my arms have increased over an inch, and I now weigh 165.
I've added a little fat a long the way, and would now like to do a cut and then resume my bulk to 180.
Luckily, I haven't really put on much fat at all.

I'm concerned to cut now, however, based on my past experiences.
I'm worried I'll once again need an insanely low amount of calories to see any progress, and will therefor end up losing a lot of muscle in the process.
I feel because of the difficulty finding the right caloric intake last time and the time it takes to do so, I'll just be losing all the strength and progress I made in these last four months.

How would you recommend I begin as to maintain my progress the best I can, and not have the same situation as last time?
It's obviously easier if you've already cut once and now roughly how many calories you need, where as mine was a whitewash and I still don't know.
Should I now be able to cut on higher calories being 20lbs heavier?

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