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Unread 10-12-2017, 02:39 PM
Nony_Mouse Nony_Mouse is offline
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Default Refeed question

Hi Lyle

I recently watched your podcast interview with Steve Hall on refeeds. Coincidentally, a five days at deficit/two day refeed approach was how I was planning to tackle my last little bit of weight loss (probably picked up that idea from watching other interviews with you!). I have some questions, which I know you are probably going to answer in your much anticipated book for women, but first refeed starts tomorrow, so...

1) I know it's all about carbs, but what sort of carb level should I ideally be aiming for? I've currently got my weekend food planned out at around 300g of carbs on a total calorie intake of an estimated 2000 cals. With that I'm still hitting my protein goal, and keeping fats lower as recommended.

2) Should I be limiting cardio so I'm not using up too much of that lovely, lovely glycogen? Obviously the more calories I burn, the more I can eat and the more carbs I can get in. Just not sure if the cardio is counter-productive. I'll be doing some strength training too, but for me that's bodyweight/modified bodyweight (ie with dumbbells for some stuff), and not a huge calorie burner. I'll at least need to go for a walk to get to 2000 TDEE, but it's whether it's a gentle walk along the river, or something more intense (hike up a big hill or go for a run).

3) Should I be trying to drain my glycogen stores as much as possible today, so they're nice and empty and ready to suck up all those carbs the next two days?

Any advice much appreciated
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Unread 10-13-2017, 03:55 AM
Nony_Mouse Nony_Mouse is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2017
Posts: 2

I realised after hitting 'post' that some more info about me might be handy, so...

I'd put myself as a Cat 2 in terms of current weight/bf% and exercise.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: ~140lb
BF%: around 25 based on visual guesstimate, supported by others who know about these things
Exercise: at home bodyweight, dumbbells, yoga, lower body strength stuff currently dictated by physiotherapist, cardio mostly walking atm, starting to run again now that bung knee is mostly sorted, so moderately active aiming to get back to much more active incl. increasing strength training.

Aiming to lose another 5 or so lb, then recomp.

I realise proper refeeds are possibly overkill for my situation, but since I'd already decided to do weekends at maintenance cals, if this will further help leptin levels etc, I figure why not?

Glycogen stores are probably not particularly depleted right now, thanks to a slack week and having just finished a 10 day diet break last weekend.

Protein I aim for 0.8g per lb, usually end up higher, fat usually in the 70-80g range (whatever that works out to), carbs around 80-100g just by virtue of there not being a lot of room left for them (diligently kept above 100g for the diet break).
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