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Unread 03-19-2014, 08:08 PM
mek42 mek42 is offline
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I'm an obese beginner. Learned a bit from the series, not the least of which is that while biology generally is not my thing, I enjoy learning exercise physiology. Maybe I just enjoy Lyle's writing style.

Some observations from my own beginning. Despite doing a much greater volume of ab work than suggested in the specific workout that Lyle uses, my belly is hanging even lower than before I started training. This leads to my upper thighs slapping my belly on each and every up pedal on the bike. This is not enjoyable, both physically and psychologically. I will try a rower for cardio - I am willing to get myself up off the ground (I purposely did not say stand up) so maybe the rower isn't the answer for everyone even if it works for me.

A guy in my fire department just lost a significant amount of weight, about one hundred pounds, and his belly is hanging low too. Does this happen to everyone who loses that sort of weight? Does the belly eventually get sacked back in so as not to hang below the waist?

Next, I'm a guy and my thighs are big. A hurdler's stretch is ok, but then putting both legs together for that stretch applies a rather uncomfortable pressure upon my testicles.
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Unread 03-29-2015, 04:13 PM
Merch Merch is offline
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So why do I think this is a problem? Letís look at a simple push-up, assuming a 300 pound client. Letís assume you let that client do a modified push-up so that they are pivoting off their knees. Letís make some back of the envelope calculations and say that they are only lifting roughly 2/3rds of their weight (and I know the physics of this is more complicated but Iím not drawing a vector diagram and mathing this out). Thatís still 20o pounds.
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