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Unread 03-17-2014, 08:24 PM
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Type of protein, total protein amount was too low, huge activity level. They needed at least double that protein intake as a starting point. RDA doesn't cut it.
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Unread 08-04-2016, 07:25 PM
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Default Ok I tried it - results as promised

You were asking for feedback on the ERFL diet, and here is some!
After reading the research initially 2 years back I was intrigued, but who has 4 days to do this? then over the summer I found myself with 4 days without kids and husband in beautiful Switzerland with lovely hiking environment and thought "why not"

Background: 50 year old peri-menopausal female
Tracking weight since 1997 using "hackers diet online"
Average weight pre-pregnancy / children: 54kg
Average weight post-pregnancy: 60kg
Weight gain in 8 months since turning 50 and recommencing full time work: 6kg
Height: 160cm

Starting date: 6 July 2016

Day 1: 23km
Day 2: 32km
Day 3: 33km
Day 4: 23km
(see attached garmin report)

The dietary guidelines were a little obscure and difficult to understand, so I just stuck to 2 or 3 protein based meals, eggs, white fish, fatty fish, and some vegetables, mainly broccoli, lentils.
To be honest I completely lost my appetite by the 2nd day and I was walking so many hours I didn't have much time for anything besides walking and sleeping and reading.


Month prior: around 66-66.6kg
Day 1: Weight: 65.4kg, Bust 98cm, waist 80cm, hips 104cm
Day 30 (today) Weight: 63.3kg, bust 97cm, waist 76cm, hips 101cm

No idea about "fat loss" I had my tanita scale and it said 37% BF in beginning and it's now around 33% but I know how much crap that is depending on how hydrated you are - so don't take that for gospel. The loss of centimetres seems to indicate fat loss.

* Walking that much day after day is TEDIOUS even if you're in a very beautiful environment with ample opportunities for wonderful walks. I needed to split up the walking over the day and listened to hours of audiobooks and podcasts.
Had zero muscle pain / aches etc. but did develop some blisters on my toes (downhill slopes!) Could be because I do walk 5-10km per day usually anyway. After the 4 days I seriously lost the motivation to walk at all let alone the recommended 10,000 steps. I'm back to 'normal' again now - 5-10km per day and it's way more enjoyable.

* Had very little appetite or interest in food in the 4 day period or even much afterwards

* As long as I stay away from refined carbs (pizza / pasta/ bread / chocolate) after the 4 days the weight loss has continued, (I see spikes on the day after I indulge) despite the fact that I reverted to 'normal' eating afterwards - with the caveat that I cut out snacking between meals, had 3 meals a day and my carbs were mainly vegetables and fruit with the exception of an occasional potato, & 1 or 2 ice-creams in the month. I was planning to move into your Rapid Fat Loss diet after the 4 days, but then decided life was too short, I'd lose the desire to live, and that the chances of binging on it were too great. So 'flexible' dieting was a better option.

* in women, weight loss is not linear - very hormonal cyclical, and hormonal craving food related (which is why I wanted to do this, because so few studies done with women) - I see a jump up in the days when I was PM and craving more calories.

Yes it does work. Yes it's a great kick-start to something more sustainable. But it takes time and patience and it's boring. And what will the longer term outcome be.
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