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Unread 12-05-2008, 04:39 PM
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Default Sample Intermediate Workout for RFL plan

Here is an example of the type of workout that would be appropriate for someone who was already involved in a training program and wanted to do the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook program.

This fits the guidelines described in the book and would be done twice per week.

Sample Full Body Exercise Routine

Exercise Sets Reps RI
Squat or leg press 2-3 6-8 2-3
RDL or leg curl 1-2 6-8 2-3
Bench press or 2-3 6-8 2-3
Incline DB press
Rowing or chins 2-3 6-8 2-3
Lateral raise 1-2 8-10 1-2
Biceps 1-2 8-10 1-2
Triceps 1-2 8-10 1-2
Weighted crunch 1-2 6-8 1-2
Back extension 1-2 6-8 1-2

RI = rest intervals and the values are in minutes.
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