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Unread 02-05-2018, 03:07 PM
rustedembrace rustedembrace is offline
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Default Training program for morbidly obese man in caloric deficit? (I'm a novice)

I am 18 years old and 367 pounds. When I began my journey 5 months ago I was 409 pounds. I did not begin weight training until 3 months ago. I've been doing a Push Pull split that I'm pretty sure is sub optimal. I do not train legs because I do not enjoy it and I also feel they are already too large, especially my calves, which are longer and thicker than most men's upper arm, as I've been obese all my life.

It is good to note that I am not diabetic or even pre-diabetic and my blood pressure was in the normal range. But unfortunately my good cholesterol was low.

I am close to pre-diabetes though with a blood glucose level of 95. Pre-diabetes is 99 on the range.

I do have low testosterone and will be seeking treatment in the next month.

Pull day on Friday looked like this:

Pendlay row 205 3x10
Lat Pulldown 160 3x10
Hammer Strength Row Machine 180 3x10
Hammer Strength Pulldown 180 3x10
BB Upright Row 105 3x10
DB Hammer Curl 40 3x10
BB Bicep Curl 80 3x10
Machine Curl 115 3x10
Ab Machine 35 3x10

Push day on Sunday looked like this:

BB Incline Press 190 3x10
BB Overhead Press 95 3x10
Hammer Strength Isometric Press 180 3x10
Hammer Strength Overhead Press 180 3x10
Incline DB Fly 50 3x8
Machine Pec Deck 265 3x10
DB Tricep Extension 70 3x8
BB CG Bench 190 1x14 (Triceps reached failure here)
DB Lateral Raise 20 3x8

I am not well educated on training and am operating on knowledge learned from the internet.

I have very bad triceps and chest DOMS, but little in my shoulders.

I have no problem with getting down and dirty with exercises and can perform all safely with proper form. Mobility and flexibility are quite good for a man of my size.

I supplement my weight training with walking 2 miles 4-5 days a week. I don't enjoy running or jogging because it is humiliating and I have had people laugh at me for doing it.

Hypertrophy is above all else the primary goal.
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