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Unread 05-14-2018, 11:56 AM
NeillC37 NeillC37 is offline
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Default Freezing Cold Hands and Thyroid Panel

I spend 11 months in a calorie deficit to achieve a 90+lbs loss from 257lbs to 164lbs. I am 53 and 5'10".
I developed freezing cold hands and dry supper itchy skin on my back. I expected some kind of thyroid down regulation as a natural adaptation.
So I went on 90% of maintenance for two weeks as per flexible dieting.
I then continued at 100% of maintenance for two weeks.
Skin issues resolved nicely but not the cold hands.
I got a thyroid panel done to see what the remaining adaption looks like.
After getting the blood test I went back into a mild calorie deficit to lose my remaining 10-20lbs.

Free T4 1.3 ng/ml
Free T3 2.4 pg/dl
rT3 17 ng/ml

So it looks like I am at the bottom of the normal range for T3 (2.3-4.2)
and in the middle of rT3 range (8-25).
I see people talking about the ration of T3 to rT3 as a diagnostic for conversion issues caused by diet.
Do these numbers suggest I have some remaining conversion issues?
Are there any tricks for improving this? Obviously in a few months I go to a calorie surplus to train in the gym. So it will resolve itself eventually I hope.
Just looking for input as I am generally interested in how this works as well as trying to improve things if I can.
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