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Unread 01-05-2018, 12:44 PM
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Default Bodybuilder refeed/cheat meal Help

I am a 33 year old bodybuilder (non competitive), 5ft 11 196lbs, approx. 8-9% bodyfat. Right now I am pretty lean but still dieting (no rush as I don't compete) trying to lose the last bit of fat on my lowerback.

My Diet is approx. 3200 calories, 300gpro, 300g carbs, 75g fat.

I have been dieting for 10 weeks, not in any rush for a contest, but wanting steady fat loss and have been successful. Each weak I have decreased calories, or upped cardio, and at 3200 calories this is very low for me and my fat loss is starting to stall.

I lift 3 on 1 off, and also do cardio (40 mins) 3 on 1 off.

For the past 5-5 weeks I have been having a cheat/reefed meal 1x every 6 days, with no negative affects. I know this is not ideal, but after my workout I go to pizza hut and eat 1 large pizza, and 2 sides. IT has not hindered my fat loss and I usually wake up the next day looking fuller and leaner than the day before.

However I know this is not optimal due to the amount of fat in my cheat meal (it should be more carbs, wayyy less fat, and more structured).

I have been doing some searching about "reefed guidelines" and found some good stuff on this forum.

I am not looking to change my overall approach, or caloric intake, as I think it is pretty solid alredy, but rather looking for tips from some of you who know more about refeeds (and the science behind than myself).

SOme questions...

1. At my caloric intake, and carb intake, how often do you think I should reefed (if you think I should at all)? My calories are not low, but I train hard and I assume my metabolism is fast, ans I am very lean on this amount and could easily continue to lose weight by dropping calories some more (but I would prefer to reefed as muscle retention is important)

2. How would you go about improving this diet without changing it too much? Would you keep the same reefed schedule but make it something like bagels?

3. I have read some stuff that says these short refeeds are worthless. Perhaps I am not getting a boost in leptin from my cheat meal, and I am just getting glycogen replenishment and fullness from the extra clories/sodium?

Thanks for any insight. I am not looking to become an expert on refeeding like some of you, but rather get some basic advice from those that are.
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