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Unread 07-28-2018, 10:09 AM
Tcrazyjam Tcrazyjam is offline
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Lightbulb diet and training system similar to rfl

see picture above. sorry its in german cause i lived in german and now am in the states

i describe it in english....

while aiming 12 perc. bodyfat until dec18 i am cutting 3 days in the row psmf like and eat 4 days my maintainance calories on those days i train.

while this is structurally a better option to urs rapid fatloss program, i do this without refeeds and dietbreaks.

the big advantage is the proteinsynthesis breakdown after resistance training and adapting to it while ur consuming enough calories,

this is my weekly circle

mond upper (aiming 2500 cal)
thue lower (aiming 2500 cal)
wed free, cardio hiit (aiming 2500 cal)
thur upper (aiming 2500 cal)
fri lower (begin cut 1, 1000 cal)
sa free, cut 2 and cardio hiit
sund free, cut 3 cardio

so the structure is pretty awesome as u can see from mond to fri (enough calories) because many coaches and scientists shedule minicuts in 3 day rows followed by refeed like tom venuto etc.

i train at homegym with myoreps.
on cutting days i do IF with bulletproofcoffee and c8 mct oil to not suffer from hunger too much. but i actually think RFL system is good too, i only adjusted it because i want to cut for a longer timeframe (!!!) without having breaks and suffering from hunger (!!!!), mental and energyproblems, t3 fall, hormonal imbalances like testosteron plump , etc. pp.

and theoretically speaking i can add pretty much more muscle mass on this diet, trying to eat lowfatfish,lowfatchickenbreast,broccoli, carrots, 1 to 2 eggs a day for dha ...

and supplementing with potassium,mg,calcium,omega3,glafattyacids,7ketodha , astaxanthin and a multivitamin.

my fatintake is low in pufa but high in dha epa, a little bit coconut and egg fat. on mentaince day i try to consume more oliveoil for mufa, eat more potatoes for higher potassium, fruits despite its not functioning well (fructose bashing ), meat , milkproducts , other veggis i do not consume on cutting days , so on a weekly time frame i get all micros.

fat losss....

as i am getting caloriedefict 7000 per week, i think i lose pretty much fat since dec. now im at 27 perc bf, so i can lose 30 pounds until dec. and get in shape. what do u think about my diet and training routine, are the described advantage to rfl obvicious or not?

And how can i put it in practise, while im training in homegym now and have no machines etc. as i have scoliosis i have to take care on ma back, lifting squats and deadlifts for example, so i think i have to adjust.
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