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Unread 05-24-2018, 05:48 AM
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Default What muscles does this external rotation exercise work?

I have had some pain in the front of my shoulder, which I've had in the past (years ago), so I'm going through all my usual routines to calm it down. Avoiding what hurts, ice, stretching, lots of rowing, RC work, serratus work...etc.

However, I also have pain in the posterior shoulder, and I've discovered it's specifically during this exercise.

I also feel it during seated cable rows, but oddly not during Hammer Iso Lateral Rows (done unilaterally). Dips also irritate the crap out of it.

Any idea what muscle that is in my shoulder that's irritated? And what to avoid (other than seated rows and dips). Also what to do to help rehab it?

I've also started reintroducing YTWLs into my routine. My PT showed me how to do these years ago, but had me do them laying face down on the floor, and simply raising my arm off the floor and holding the contraction one arm at a time. With a focus on activating only the lower trap, and not the lats/upper traps.

I've done some searching online and see these performed with one arm hanging off a table, or prone on an exercise ball or incline bench two arms at a time. I find I have trouble isolating the lower trap doing it this way, am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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