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Unread 11-17-2010, 06:53 AM
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Default Apparently we need a little bit of a reminder

Because some may have seen Steve Alex's thread and the fact taht I deleted it. I'll point you to the rules post

Which talks about certain things not the least of which being

If you don't like these rules, that's fine. The door is easy to find. Griping about the rules is another no warning offense for account deletion. When I'm on someone else's forum, I live by their rules. If you are on mine, you live by mine. If you don't like them, go elsewhere.
Are these words unclear. Steve Alex, you've gotten your one and only warning. Want to get banned, keep it up.

And if folks are still unclear on why I get edgy about some of the nonsense, let me be clear
I pay for the forum's hosting out of my own pocket.
I pay for bandwidth.
I pay for rights to use the forum.
I ask for NOTHING in return except a few common courtesies. YOu don't have to pay to join here, I do'nt care if you've bought a book.

so when you waste space on MY FORUM and MY BANDWITDH that I pay with with MY MONEY, you can at least do me the common courtesy of FOLLOWING MY RULES. And that includes not being so unbearably self-possesed and lazy to ask questions that have been answered here or on the main site. Or bump threads and annoy me. Or anything that's IN THE RULES LIST you are asked to read when you sign up.

And then if you think you have ANY RIGHT to complain about how I run things....seriously, grow up chilldren. Because if you keep pissing me off with this nonsens, I'll be happy to just shut the entire forum down and stop paying out of my own pocket to deal with a bunch of self-entitled children (and I know not everyone here is like this; the children simply stand out).

And then you CAN go to t-nation where all you'll get is sold on supplements rather than truth.

Bottom line:
My forum
My rules
Follow them or leave
But DO NOT BITCH about them.
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