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Unread 06-10-2018, 08:42 AM
YayOrNay YayOrNay is offline
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Default PSMF, can I continue, or..better yet should I stop

age: 22


height: 6'1

I started doing PSMF at...aprox 150kg, I took very small breaks throughout, like 1-2 week breaks, but I never stopped returning to the diet, I am now 108kg, even when I was 150kg I had a decent amount of muscle(still was covered in fat like crazy), and overall my lifts haven't dropped, I have gotten more tired mentally throughout this diet though, but my lifts haven't actually dropped, so I like to think I maintained most of if not all the muscle I had, because I had enough fat to maintain my defict, thats what I would hope, but obviously I probaly lost abit of muscle its very unlikely to diet so aggresively and lose NO muscle, but regardless, I have 4 months left before I will be to busy to maintain this diet, so I am wondering should I have stopped before or it is fine for me to continue on PSMF untill I hit..lets say 95kg?

some notes

- I haven't binged during my diet period and my breaks, not once, nor have I thought of binging suprsingly, idk if its will power or what.

- I supplemented with fish oil/mag/muti vitamin/iodine/you name it I took it basically lol, no BCAA's though or anything directly similar to that.

- I kept cardio pretty low, push ups/non weighted sqauts, and every now and then I would slam out an hour on the treadmil, but I did this out of habit, I enjoy running, I know cardio is a big no no on this diet, so I don't intend on doing any for the next 4 months. I lifted 4 times a week, hiting different parts of my body, I did compound lifts, but I also aimed for specific hits on certain days, i.e. shoulders/back - chest/abs

- I use to be around 90kg and decently fit.

- I haven't had any real side affects from doing this diet, my bloodwork is fine, my sex drive is high, so I can't say I have been fit by a huge defiency in anything

- It's...been abit odd, some months I would straight up lost 5kg, other months I would only lose 1-2, but it would make up for it in the months coming after that, I assume I can attribute this to cortisol and water retention, as when I take supplements to counteract the cortisol I tend to shed the water weight pretty quickly.

- I am by no means a nutrtionally expert, I can't say that what I did was the best method to lose weight, but being that fat made me depressed, it made me hate life, I became unproductive and I absoultely couldn't stand to look at myself anymore, so I took a dramatic approach, that being said perhaps I will end up with some side effects if I continue or once I am done, but I like to think that I was/am less likely to have any issues as I started off really heavy, and am still packing abit extra.

- I want to get down to 95kg, then hit maintaince and do a sustainable cut untill 85kg then bulk back up to 95, then cut down to 90kg and try to maintain that.

- Any tips/criticism is welcome, my weight loss slowed down for awhile by attribute that to the fact I wasn't paying very close attention to what I was eating/didn't lift for the past month or so, but I want to hit it head on again, and count every calorie/start lifting 4x a week again.
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