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Unread 10-08-2017, 12:31 AM
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Default Deadlift and breathing

It seems that something as simple as breathing can be difficult. I recently started to run into trouble with my breathing in deadlift.

I used to do "touch and go" deadlift where the weights would slightly touch the ground between reps. But this caused issues with form and eventually I injured my lower back when lowering the bar. I think this was caused by lack of support due to fatigue at the end of my set.

Now I have started to do deadlift one rep at the time where I reset my form after each rep end breath in and lift. Like described in the stronglifts deadlift guide

The issue is that when I breathe only at the bottom of the lift I start to ran out of breathe after 6..8reps.
I'm using higher rep range for now to make sure that I get my form right and avoid further injury.

  • I wonder if breathing at the bottom of the lift is the only way to keep the support though the lift?
    Some people seem to breathe slightly out on the way up but I think this causes loss of support on the way down.

I'm thinking about splitting the reps in my working sets in half to avoid running out of breath.
So instead of doing for example 1x12reps I would do 2x6reps with the same weight using short break between the 2 sets.

I don't plan to go heavy with the deadlift in the near future so this is just keep the back strong enough to avoid injury in daily life and other exercises for example lifting heavy dumbbells off the floor when doing DB press.
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