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Unread 11-01-2018, 07:46 AM
z00z z00z is offline
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Default 4 week patch review

So there is almost no positive (i think zero) reviews of the patch on the entire internet but that didn't deter me, i figured like Lyle claims that most people prob won't even try it (and that's prob why there are no reviews) but having done the program, i'm able to give some n=1 feedback on the diet. It just doesn't work. Those like me who tried it, probably got disappointed and moved on, even fewer of us would have bothered to write up our experiences, especially when they're not great and there is nothing to scream and shout about. Consider if the diet worked as well as claimed, we'd be going out of way to tell the world how great this diet worked etc etc and how amazing the results are.

Lyle sets up the diet by putting 0.5 + 0.33 - 0.5 + 0.25 together (+clen, +beta blocker, etc etc) and claiming it's going to give 1.0. In reality though, it just doesn't work out. It's a nice bit of theorising and i really wanted to believe i was trying some secret diet thought up by a genius (ha). but im afraid there is no holy grail here, no secret sauce. If anything it's overly elaborate and because of this, somewhere in the reality of it, the promise of getting the plus of the beta-2 agonist while using a beta-1 blocker to get the anp production to produce the best of both worlds didn't occur in practice.

Lyle admits the bb will reduce the effect of the other compounds but he claims that overall it's going to work out in your favour because the combination of compounds together will achieve something special (brown fat activation increase and activation). It's not true. In my case I found it undid the effects of clen sufficiently that the power clen usually gives me (great endurance which allows me to do a ton of daily cardio) never materialised. More on this later. In the same way i wasted precious yohimbine which was hard to get where i live and probably build up a tolerance to it even with little benefit, considering the bb will make it almost ineffective. I got weaker and lost muscle too which i put down to the beta blocker a)reducing performance and b)killing protein synthesises. Be aware unlike what Lyle claims, you'll lose the ability to train well in the weight room and recover from it, i wasn't trying to hit PRs, but i went from being pretty strong to struggling to max out on single rep of my previous warmup sets of several reps.

If someone is reading this thread and wondering whether they should do the diet, my best advice is take lyle's stacks from the patch, don't use the beta blocker, and add in 2 hours of cold exposure per day. This can be a nice long walk in the evening with shorts/tank top and you'll get all the benefits of the thermo drugs without the downsides of the beta blocker. If the brown fat activiation happens great, it will be a nice bonus but otherwise at least it won't cripple your normal diet/training.

So after finishing the 4 weeks i dropped the bb. suddenly the clen kicked in, like it hadn't before. Suddenly the yohimbine starts giving me anxiety when it didn't before. Suddenly I can do cardio much better. These are all the benefits of the stack -bb.

By the way i went from 15% to 8% - but i was disappointed all the same. I need to do more dieting now and im almost certain that if i had done it my way (no bb) i would have ended up around 5-6%, or at least not far from it.
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Unread 11-04-2018, 07:18 PM
bellamor bellamor is offline
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Thank you for sharing it with us, I will definitely check out your suggestion.
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