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Unread 02-02-2014, 11:35 AM
excoriate excoriate is offline
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Default Question about protein timing

I'm intrested in pre/after workout nutrition in nonfasted state. Now there is no many studies releated for this especially focusing on protein/short period of workout. In book there was only mention about this Cribb guy who suggest that timing around workout is optimal. I'm intrested to know if there are more studies releated to this? There have been some period since book was released? Maybe some more info.

Now to use 25g protein before and 25g protein after that's cost me only 0.9 euro so that's price of 3 cigarettes / day and I don't even smoke.. Basically it's super cheap especially compared any other protein source. You could buy it just to be in this "just in case" optimal spot.

My dillemma with them is this marketing with false promises where majority of their info is not true. In that case it wouldn't be morally right to buy anything from them. Their trick is to let people believe that timing is all that matters and give you 30-60% results when in reality it could be 0-1%.

My intrest is do you actually get more than 0% of it and if so how much? What kind tests are made? What's the source? Who is paying for these testing fees? How accurate are test? Period tests last? What % amount test subjects improve? How accurate are measuring methods? I do appreciate answers if all info and arguments are given. Eather way I won't argue about it and make my own decissions.

btw Was reason I wanted another source. = hidden agenda.

Nice creds: "One client increased their bench press by 17.5kgs in just one workout! I have never witnessed such radical strength gains in all my 17 years as a trainer."


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