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Unread 08-24-2015, 07:39 PM
ajm587 ajm587 is offline
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Default "Bro" Routine aka legs 1x per week routine check

Looking to train legs 1x per week because I've been training for about 8 years or so now and have a little bit on inner knee pain + hip flexor pain. I've been hitting legs twice a week for the better part of those 8 years as well. I have been doing a Push/Pull/Legs routine for the last year or so and was looking for something different.

I came up with a routine from the "bro" routine leg as my goals now are to develop a stronger v-taper and possibly enter a Men's Physique show. I will be hitting legs 1x per week on their own day and then 3-4 sets of leg press on my arm day as well just to hit them a little bit on a 2nd time a week but not too hard.

Anyways, what modifications should I make to this?

S: Chest+Back+Delts A
M: 45 minutes of LISS
T: Legs+Abs
W: 45 minutes of LISS
T: Chest+Back+Delts B
F: Biceps+Triceps+Abs
S: Off

Weight is increased once top of rep range is met with first set.

Week 1: 80%
Week 2: 90%
Week 3-8: Make improvements then deload after Week 8.

Chest+Back+Delts A

Incline DB Press: 4x6-8
Barbell Row: 4x6-8
Flat DB Fly: 2-3x8-12
Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown: 2-3x8-12
DB Lateral Raise: 3-4x10-12
Face Pulls: 2-3x8-10


Squat: 5x5 (add 5-10 lbs. each week)
SLDL: 3-4x6-8
Leg Extensions: 2-3x10-12
Seated Leg Curl: 2-3x10-12
Standing Calf Raise: 3-4x6-8
Seated Calf Raise: 2-3x10-12
Cable Crunches; 2x6-8
Hyperextensions: 2x6-8

Chest+Back+Delts B

Flat DB Bench: 4x6-8
Seated Cable Row: 4x6-8
Incline DB Fly: 2-3x8-12
Lat Pulldown: 2-3x8-12
Cable Lateral Raise: 3-4x10-12
Seated Rear Delt Raise: 2-3x8-10


One Arm Overhead DB Triceps Extension: 2-3x8-10
DB Curl: 2-3x8-10
Rope Triceps Pushdown: 1-2x10-12
Straight Bar Cable Curl: 1-2x10-12
Leg Press: 3-4x12-15
Incline Knee Raise: 2x30
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Unread 08-24-2015, 09:54 PM
gymguy6969 gymguy6969 is offline
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A few notes:
1. If your going to train chest/delts together, I would have one day where one comes first i.e. day 1 chest first then shoulders, and the next day the opposite i.e. day 5 shoulders first then chest. I personally recently developed and brought up my shoulders A LOT from prioritizing them first in the workout (doing shoulder press after benching movements didn't provide me with much growth). With that said I notice you don't have any direct shoulder pressing movement. Now I know some will argue you don't need one. I personally have found the overhead press has helped me. Perhaps think about adding that into the routine.

2. On the leg day I would personally do the leg press instead of the extensions, but no biggie. Plus, you do them on your arm day.

3. Overall the split looks fine so either way your good. If I were to do a "bro split" I would probably do:
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