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Unread 04-04-2008, 09:38 AM
krispy1138 krispy1138 is offline
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Originally Posted by daveinmichigan View Post
Hey that was kinda mean talking about pizza to a guy that is working on
adjusting to a new diet. If I just get this dialed in so I could become
more comfortable with exactly when and how I can eat pizza, I would be
all set. I think I can eat SOME at the free meal, but I am still adjusting to
the concept that I don't have to eat straw and water for every meal. LOL

I need to jump on the scale so I can start logging todays info. I will post
the data in a little while.

I make my own pizza; Boboli thin crust, a little pasta sauce, a sprinkle of reduced fat mozzarella, some Canadian bacon, and some pineapple. That's about 300 calories for 2 pieces (or 1/4 of the pizza). Then I have a big salad on the side.

You can also make pizza with a pita or low carb tortilla crust.
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Unread 04-04-2008, 11:53 AM
daveinmichigan daveinmichigan is offline
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Default Day 5 (4-4-08) Weight 187.8

Today's weight: 187.8
Today's weight loss: 2.1 lbs
Total Loss to date: 6.2 lbs

My mind is feeling much clearer now, I must be starting to adapt to the low
carbs. So far today I have taken my fish oil pill, cafiene pills, multi-vitimin
and baby asprin, but other than that I haven't eaten anything. I have read
that people on the RFH diet sometimes report not being hungry, but this
is crazy (in a good sort of way). How badly will it screw me up if I don't
eat anything because I am not hungry? If I don't freak out and binge, would
it be ok it I just wait until I get hungry to eat again.

I will be going to yoga tonight and there is something therapeutic
about getting a workout and feeling foolish at the same time. I am
convinced that yoga works the best if you don't take yourself too seriously.

I am going with my wife to a Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow to
weigh in. Maybe over the next couple of weeks I can win over a bunch of
converts for Lyle. I expect it will be kinda fun when I come in and they
announce my weight loss (6-10 lbs) and there are people there at are
AT LEAST 2x my weight are only going to have losses of 1-2 lbs.

I hope that I can set an example that will allow them to benefit from using
RFH too. I started dieting after my son was born and have gone from
250 to 185 and if I can help some other people that would be a good thing.
I REALLY wish I had learned about this diet when I was 250, it would have
made this entire weight loss much easier.

The PITA for me is bouncing between 185 and 195. I haven't gone over 200
since I first dropped below, but this mini-yoyo is driving me crazy. I hope
to lean like a lot of the people on Lyle's forum.
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