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Unread 04-17-2018, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by mhertz View Post
I've seen alot of evidence scientifically of the health benefits of vegan diets, especially on heart disease and colesterol, and e.g. it's the only diet proven to reduce heart.disease I believe.

I was then pretty sure that going vegan was one of the best healthy ways to eat, provided obviously that you made sure to eat varied for getting proper vitamins/minerals and taking supplements for the rest e.g. B12.

Lyle mcdonald has for many years been my "go-to-guy" for anything scientific in regards to diet/training/health, so I thought to myself that i'd better check that lyle himself agrees with this, and I got the exact opposite and that he considers them as having an eating-disorder!

As someone who goes so strictly by the scientific research, then how can you say this, please? Obviously, with any diet, you need to eat varied to not get malnourished, but that goes the same with veganism no?

Lastly, could I please ask if it is in lyle's opinion only because of the reduction in saturated fat that there is healthy research made for vegans? Because i'm currently not vegan and just eat low fat meat like chicken breast and tuna, and use healthy oils/fish-oil for fat and wholegrain carbs, and was then thinking if that was just as healthy, then i'd prefer that to veganism. OK, the veggies/fruits i'm sure help vegans also, but that could too be added to the diet I presented above that i'm following currently.

Thanks in advance!

It's not healthy and causes numerous nutritional deficiencies that you can't fix with supplements.

Funny thing is, you usually don't start suffering from b12 or iron deficiency for about a year.

Eat BOTH meat and vegetables, simple as that.
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