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Unread 11-14-2017, 10:49 AM
magpie magpie is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2014
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Sooooo, funny story today. Over the weekend I decided that I was done my round. I had a party on Friday, ate for maintenance Saturday, then weighed in with 5.5 lbs damage (197.6) on Sunday, and wasn't upset about it at all. I felt like this could be my cut-off point and I would be happy (still riding the mini-goal glory? lol). Also, cat2 is supposed to run for 6 weeks maximum and I have been basically eating free meals and refeeds like a cat2 most of this round, and at 36%bf I'm so close to cat2 anyway. Additionally, I have parties coming up the next 2 weekends, so I basically had a bunch of reasons to take a diet break. Then I weighed in at 199 this morning and completely changed my mind!!! Even though I know it is water and everything, I suddenly felt like I must diet for 2 more weeks to try and get into the 180's before I break. But then there are all the groceries I picked up yesterday including lots of fruit, so argh. I am kind of annoyed at myself for not being more decisive about this, but I am on the fence. I am going to see what happens today.
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Unread 11-15-2017, 10:43 AM
magpie magpie is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 265
Default End of Round 4

It's official, I am ending my round. Friday was my last day dieting, and yesterday I had all the fixin's for tacos so I figured 'what the hell' - Might as well go for the break and have some tacos!! My water levels seem to have balanced out with about 3.5 lbs water back from my low weight of 192lbs.

Round Summary:
6.5 weeks
weight 204.4 - 195.6lbs = 8.8lbs net loss
waist 37.0 - 35.5" = 1.5" total
bf% 37.8 - 36.8 = 1.0%

Total, 2017 Rounds
weight 222.3 - 195.6 = 26.7lbs
waist 40 - 35.5 = 4.5"
bf% 39.5 - 36.8 = 2.7%

I will be back soon, either in mid-December after my trip, or in January if Dec proves to be too much of a social event minefield as it tends to do!! Still shooting for the 185 mark so I can start to wear more of the clothes from my 'still large but not super fat' closet lol I am wearing some of these pants today, and they are still pret-ty tight haha

Happy RFL-ing, RFL buddies! Work hard, get ripped! See you all soon
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Unread 11-16-2017, 10:21 AM
Liberty's Avatar
Liberty Liberty is offline
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Have a happy diet break! I'm excited for you to come back so I can hear about maintenance and any pitfalls you may have hit along the way and how you overcame them. I have mostly failed early in my diets, but the few times I saw progress, I completely lost control instead of maintaining, so I am realizing I need to build a whole new skill set!
My log: All I Want For Christmas is RFL By The Book
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