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Unread 06-19-2017, 12:57 AM
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I used to be bothered by weight loss stalls. I would live and die by the scale each morning. Once I got calipers and started tracking my calories and body measurements and even tape measure and made sure my macros were in point via the most intelligent way I could make them, then the scale no longer bothered me. In fact for about 2-3 months my scale weight hovered around 206 and having the other data points made me realize hat I was having incredible success. I was essentially losing fat and gaining muscle. I likely would have got disheartened and gave up.
Instead of second guessing your calories try to keep some faith in what lyle has laid out. It's an incredibly intelligent and effective dieting protocol and while there is some wiggle room for varying macros a bit I would try to get some other data points. Grab a cheap pair of accumeasure calipers from Amazon and a tape measure and take measurements along with scale weight once a week. Plug in your caliper measurements into an online bodyfat calculator and you can watch and see for yourself that you are likely losing fat regardless of what he scale says. Seriously consider doing this before deviating from the plan.
A lot of people talk about stalls online but most of them are only looking at scale wieght and many of them are more or less novice or immature in their knowledge.
Just my experience that if you are having issues with a "stall" then just take the plunge and get a dexa scan once every few months and/or grab some calipers and do some weekly or bimonthly measurements.
I got a dexa scan a few weeks ago at a orthopedic clinic for 40 bucks. Call around to a few of them you could be surprised that a few will let you walk in and grab a dose of radiation and some objective measurements of your body composition.
Good luck!

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Unread 06-19-2017, 11:11 AM
breunor breunor is offline
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If you're in a caloric deficit, weight gain isn't going to be due to fat gain. That's just a "the world is round" reality. But salt and hormone levels certainly vary, and cause water retention which can affect your scale weight.

The first time I did RFL I was losing 0.5 pounds of scale weight every single day like clockwork. Then I decided to do a bunch of steep hill hiking for 2-3 days for fun, instead of sticking to walking my dogs. On top of being totally exhausted from the extra work, my weight went up a pound or two and stayed there for about 5 days. I was eating the same meals as before, still lifted twice a week, but suddenly I stalled and gained "weight".

Of course it was just water weight; after a few days of my normal routine I experienced a "whoosh" and dropped 5 pounds in 1-2 days and was back on schedule, and learned my lesson.

That weight gain can be due to several things, but insulin spikes due to eating protein and that spike causing fat gain during a caloric deficit isn't one of them.
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Unread 06-22-2017, 08:53 PM
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I am a woman who tends to stall frequently and sometimes for 7-10 days. However, I trust the program and trust knowing that I am in an energy deficit and must be losing fat even if it has not shown up scale-wise yet.

Not once would I think to blame protein spiking insulin levels. I always attribute it to water/sodium balance... What else would account for that nice big whoosh I get when the stall ends and I drop off several pounds overnight? I didn't lower my protein intake or reduce my insulin levels in any way. I was just patient and water released itself
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