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Unread 03-15-2017, 05:58 AM
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Default omega 3 manufacturing, certificates etc.

I would like some information, opinions and a debate on omega3 supplements..

1) First of all from an evolution standpoint, I'm wondering why the omega 3 fishoil can be so importent, I can not immagine everyone in the past was eating fish and therefore the human body adapt to that need...or was the majority in the stone age and othere past civilasation just eating fish?? since the omega is so crusial...

2) My trust in fish oil suplements; can you really trust the cetificates on fishoil supplements. There is this independent IFOS cetificate for example, but if you look at their web site, I find it suspiciously that all the supplements they test gets the higest 5 stars rating from them...not a single one I can find that do not have the 5 star...maybe it's because manufacturers are aware that their products must pass the test, because it's a test for those manufactors that want to be testet I guess, and therefore actually doing some good products, but really don't know, it just seems a little wierd....
I allso find it misleading that I some places can find omega suplements where it says it is IFOS 5 star rated, but the batch number dont show up on the IFOS site, I guess previous product have been tested but not the new one, but it's misleading to write that they have the rating, when they actually not have.....

3) Fish oil should be stored cold, like in the fridge, but when you buy fishoil, it is not find in a refrigerated, which I think is problematic ...and what about transport, if you order online, it's not comming in a insulatet cooler bag...should it, or am I too sceptical....

4) The up-concentrated fish oil vs. the not up-concentrated fish oil, it's normal to be conserned about the bioavailability when some supplement is molecular reorganized like the concentrated fishoil is, you know the re esterificering thing where not only the natural normal one omega 3 fattyacid is attatched to the glycerol backbone, normaly in the middle, but now more omega 3 can be attached on the two other places... an interesting study says that this new concentrated form actually has a better bioavailability. link;

5) When you examin the manufacturing of fish oil, you will notice that the raw fish has been heated up to 90-95 degrees celcius, to seperate an oil fraction and a protein fraction, but the heating does not sound good if you have in mind that heat and oxygene will oxidixe the fragile fishoil, but somehow the procesed must be controled so it may not happend..

6) Canned mackerel, I like to eat that, but the big question is how much omega 3 you will get here...The preservation method called autoclaving, where the hemneutic sealed canned is heated up over 120 c, under pressure.. that too do not sound vere good, when you think about that the PUFA omega 3 oil is fragile and can oxidize when heated...But I just find out that some reaserch group for a research institute called SINTEF here in scandinavian, actually have analyzed what happens to some of the macro and micro nutrition in canned makrell, and the quality from canned, should be as good as frosen and fresh fish their conclusion is...but I cannot find the the research paper it self, if it the question is if you can trust this reaserch.. it sounds a little bit too good that canned autoclaving fish should be a good as fresh fish...but maybe im wrong..Perhaps it is the absence of oxygen when autoclaving a sealed cannned that avoid the omega 3 from going though a oxidative rancidity......

well enougth for know...

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Unread 03-18-2017, 01:24 PM
aspire aspire is offline
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Regarding point 1: Fish is not the only source of omega 3. Grass-fed animal milk has omega 3, so do bird eggs, and many plants/seeds/nuts. Our ancient ancestors were eating omega 3.

Regarding point 2: Fish oil manufacturers try to differentiate themselves (and justify higher prices) by sowing fear and uncertainty about other fish oil manufacturers. Fear and uncertainty will cause one to spend a lot of money on expensive fish oil. Lack of money will cause one to settle for something that's probably, maybe, hopefully just as good. I settled for Costco One Per Day because I'm not rich yet.

Regarding point 3: They made it shelf stable. It's possible. Why don't you cut open the gels and smell whether the oil is rancid or not?

Regarding point 4: That's nice to know that concentrated fish oil has better bioavailability.

Regarding point 5: This is why some brands now claim to be "cold pressed". It might be better for your health or just another way to extract a higher price (it could be both).

Regarding point 6: I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the canned mackerel you're eating is fine.

Maybe fish oil is causing initial improvement in studies but oxidative stress in the longterm. Anyone have any light on this?

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