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Unread 04-20-2017, 12:02 PM
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Default She's at it again

F, Cat 3, 168cm, 92,5kg - 203,9 pound, (medium active - some strenght training)

I did RFL a couple of years ago. I don't remember how many kilos I lost, but I was quite happy. Had to stop when I woke up passed out on my bathroom floor. I blame the electrolytes.

Unfortunately my mind, health and life got in the way. So now I'm doing a RFL-run to shed some excess weight.

2017 run
I'm going to do this as long as my mind and body allows me. I haven't decided my goal, but my first planned re-evaluation is after 1 month. I might change method after 78/80 kg, but let's wait and see.

Basic food intake:

Morning 10 am
Poached chicken
5g Psyllium husk
3 gram omega-3

Lunch 3 pm
Cottage cheese and protein powder
5g Psyllium husk
3 capsules omega-3

Lean meat
Steamed Squash
5g Psyllium husk
3 capsules omega-3

2 free meals a week


April 5 (Day 1) 92,5kg - 203,9 pound
April 7 (Day 3) 89,6kg

April 10 (Day 6) 89,2kg -196,7 pounds
BF - 40.2%, Water 43.4%, Muscle 31,8% Bone 12,3kg (I do not trust these measurement beyond my kilos, but I do believe it can show a trend even if the number are not correct.

April 12 (Day 8) 88,2kg - 194,4 punds
BF - 39,9%, Water 43.7%, Muscle 31,9% Bone 12,2kg

A short recap: The beginning was hard. I had a lot of headache and was extremely hungry. I started with K on the day 5, and that helped a lot!
I haven't been training a lot, because I have been feeling marginally well. But I will try to increase after 1 week.

April 13 (Day 9) Cramps - Yesterday evening I got thigh cramps. I have been taking K 650mgX2, MG 600mg, Ca 1gram. I am salting my food, but clearly not enough. I have decided to make a salty broth and drink a cup a day. I hope it will help. (It worked!)

April 20 (Days 16) 87,4kg -192,7 pounds
BF - 39,3%, Water 44%, Muscle 32,1% Bone 12,1kg
I am eating as planned, but I have not been taking all the supplement. So salts and Potassium have been lacking.
Of course I started having muscular cramps again today, so I need to start again. I'm at the minimum water intake level, so I want to increase it.
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