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Unread 04-10-2017, 02:00 AM
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Wasn't sure whether to start a new log as the title is somewhat out-of-date now but I thought I'd keep it all together for my records.

Diet Break Summary
- Ate a lot
- Trained a lot
- Ate more

The diet break was well needed and a welcome change. The first week I stuck to maitnenance -10% (3000-3300cals approx.) before loosely tracking for 7 days and ending the break of with my GF's birthday celebrations which consisted of food, drink & more food.

According to my scales I am up at 235lbs this morning but that is extremely bloated and had some stomach issues this weekend which probably hasn't helped (TMI).

4 Week Cut - Week 1

The plan is roughly a take on UD2.0. Due to work constraints throughout the next month I will not be able to rigidly stick to UD2.0 but am interested in some of the principals. 2 depletion workouts, a tension workout preceding the carb load & power workout following it.

Diet will be around 50% of maitnenance Monday - Friday (AM) before starting the carb load Friday PM on to Saturday and maintenance on Sunday. Carbs under 30g, protein around 200g and fat somewhere near 100g. Not sure if this will put me in ketosis but I'm not too concerned about that.

Purposeful cardio will be done fasted in the morning after taking cl*n. Starting at 20 minutes and adding 10 mins per session each week. A few months back I purchased a spin bike so now have the convenience of being able to do it without leaving the bedroom.

Daily activity will be as always; a minimum of 10k steps and hoping to increase it towards 15k this time round.

According to the basic maths, my deficit should put me at 2lbs of fat loss per week (not accounting for thermogenic boost).

Will post before and after pics at the end of the 4 weeks.
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Unread 04-18-2017, 01:53 AM
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tellurium tellurium is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 175

Week 1 Summary

-Depletion workouts are fairly horrendous
-Tension workout went well
-Power workout was great. Felt strong and was good to lift some heavy weights.

Found it fairly easy to stick to the diet Monday to Friday. For some reason I do well on low calorie, low carb periods and can thug it out and find the energy to still walk 15k steps and lift when required.

The carb-up went ok. Hit about 1100g of carbs. In reality my fats were a bit high (thanks to a chinese takeaway) but I woke up on Sunday feeling leaner and fuller so I'll call it a success. Sundays diet which was supposed to be at maintenance went a bit awry due to it being Easter and receiving a bounty of chocolate treats which I decided to eat.

Scale weight is down nearly 8lbs, 2 days after the refeed. I didn't take any waist measurements but going by how my trousers are fitting, I have lost at least half an inch as my brand new trousers are loose already (win/fail??). I had a comment that my stomach had disappeared in a week, so that's always a bit of reassurance that the physical changes are real.

Started Week 2 off with a 18km walk on 1700 calories which wasn't much fun and got my 30 mins fasted cardio done today. Not going to change a thing Mon-Friday but the refeed will be a lot more controlled this week with much less fat.
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