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Unread 04-02-2017, 04:30 AM
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Cool Cat2RFL/trainingLog+ReprogrammingMyBrain

Hey everyone!

Decided to start logging here for some extra accountability as the weeks flow by.I currently am at the end of my first week.

My Stats are: 183cm/93kg starting weight - 88.4 as of today/23yo

I dived into RFL as a last resort, as i was in a pretty bad place mentally.

Long story short,i struggled with excersice bulimia in the past - around 3-4 years ago - while i was a lot into cycling.Dropped down to 65kg,overtrained and burned out.Took me some months to recover psysically,but it wasnt untill 10 days ago that i reached a good recovery level mentaly!

So i started RFL while focusing on training lifelong eating habbits.
The weirdest thing is that my binging stopped completely after starting RFL.Blood sugar is super stable now too. Yesterday i got super stressed about something silly and while i was ready to binge on some tuna and yogurt,i stopped 1 tunacan in and just chilled! urges went away.I was so amped!

Current Training Routine & stats:

Full Body x2/week(MON+FRI)

Front Squat: 50x 7,7,8
SnatchGripRDL: 52.5x3x8
Barbell Underhand row: 42.5x3x8
Side Delts+Bis

-All lifts are done with a pause/iso hold to make everything harder, as i dont have many plates at the moment, with an RPE of 8-8.5 on the last set.

As for Food choices:

Each meal consists of:
3scoops pea protein isolate
1scoop whey protein
vitDin the morning/250-500mg Magnesium at night.
Psyllium husk powder on the days i dont eat veggies.

RFLing on the super cheap, as the budget is limited.I make my powder into pudding.I try to not eat veggies when i am super hungry, because i used to binge on them and it makes everything worse.(tried it at the start of RFL, and i could down 1kg of frozen spinach and .5-1kg of boiled cabbage super easily.
When im feeling fancy/i want to switch it up from the powders, i get some tuna cans/low fat greek yogurt/chicken breast.

2 meals/day.

Goal is to drop as much lard as possible in 6 weeks,and then get into maintanance for as long as i need to, inorder to solidify my reprogrammed relationship with food.

I will post some pics ASAP

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Unread 04-02-2017, 10:14 AM
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Default Week 1 Pics

Sooo i woke up like this today. Weight is 88.4kg/194.9pounds.

Already had my meals for today, ate around 220grams of protein - took my supps and sat at home today - doing mobility work.Cant wait to tacle the next week.

As for the refeed on this past friday, i ate around 450g of carbs from rice cakes and whole wheat pasta, and around 280g of protein. super stoked,as i didnt see the refeed as a reward/cheat day.I just ate what i had to eat(spaced around peri-workout evenly,not binging in 1 meal) and moved on with my life.Mental hunger was through the roof the day after though.

Things to improve on for week2:

1-2lt of water more/day(up my lite salt intake too!)
Less walking(i think this is gonna take care of it self with the low energy levels)

Think of my eating"script"(a cool thing a came across a podcast) everytime i seat down for a meal.
Switch to upper/lower split, and switching the ohp for the incline DB press,to balance out my super awesome - out of proportion right pec.

Start doing mobility sessions again, as i am croooked af!(fisheye lens overemphasize it though). It took me 1-2 hours to completely loosen up my hip muscles to get straight posture again today.Damn

I suspect the crookedness comes for my sleeping position, as i sleep on my side on a yoga mat(with a pillow), as i recently moved and i dont have a matress yet. I will focus on sleeping on my back from now on.

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Unread 04-06-2017, 03:06 PM
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Red face Baby Steps

So, this week has been a bit weird.
On sunday i pulled/strained my left hamstring while doing barbell stretches(went in too cold-too fast). Doesnt feel very bad ,although on mondays' workout i couldn't squat/rdl.

Training from Monday:
Paused IclineDB press: 17.5kg x3x8
dead hang BWpullups: 4,4,4,3
Paused Barbell Sommersault squat: 30kgx3x10 (hadnt done this in a while-felt pretty easy)
Paused BehindTheNeckPress: 30x3x10
BarbellShrugs: 70x8x6x6(first set with an iso hold)

I was super bummed about my hammie ,made too much of a deal out of it and made monday on an 4-5000 refeed day.around 250-300pro and rest from rice cake and bread carbs.

Tuesday and Wednesday went super smooth ,with proper psmf eating and super high neat, as expected from the refeed!(1000-1500Kcal/Day)

Thursday:89kg BW

Today i felt pretty beaten up, pretty busy(i work as a bicycle mechanic)with a high NEAT too.I overate on psmf food at night, and ate 2 green apples as my free meal.

Food log from today:

#1(breakfast) coffee+1scoop Casein+EFAS
#2(around 13:00) 3scoopsPeaProteinIsolate+1scoopWhey
#3(21:00)3scoos pea protein|1scoop whey|
#4(a bit after my last meal) 400g sliced cooked cured turkey breast(80P 4C 4F)+2Green Apples.

Trying to use intention implementation strategy to stop using food as stress relief.On the last meal i zoned out, and another version of me would have keep binging.

Baby steps...

Target BW for this Sundays' weigh in is 87kg.Refeeds have been rescheduled to mondays, as i noticed it helped me get through the week while performing better at work and life in general!

Hamsting feels ok by now. I will probably front squat again tommorow - maybe with a closer stance, although i wont do any posterior chain compound as it's still quite tight.

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Unread 04-08-2017, 12:12 PM
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Default Friday+Saturday

Friday 7/4/17 BW:89kg

FullBody sesh went awesome. Trained at the gym again today.

Training log(all poundages in KG)
-PausedFrontSquats: 50x8,8,8 felt super fast and explosive.RPE 8 at the last set.
I will try and hit 8,8,10 on monday and then finally up the kg.
-BW dead hang pull ups: 4,4,3 without straps. super happy with this
-Paused Incline DB: 17.5x8,8,10. Super easy,20kg next time.
-Barbel Shrugs: 50x10,10,10 all with iso hold.could have gone heavier with this
-SideLaterals: 10x10,10
-Cableweighted crunch: 37.5x8,8
-Also tried some hip thrusts for the first time,felt really good! 40kgx2x10. quite easy but i run out of time and had to leave.

Food: 1kg frozen spinach and 190-200g of protein from Pea/casein/whey protein

NEAT was quite high too, as i was super busy all day.

Saturday 8/4/17
Scale is still up but im not stressing, as i upped my creatine and fiber for the last few days. I feel and look leaner though - which feels awesome!

I will take progress pics after sundays weigh in.

Today was a super chill day, got a chance to unwind. Food was the same as yesterday, plus 2x2mg nicotine gums to distract the mind.

As for the food behavioral side of things,Im trying to not fall into the trap of "saving" my calories for the end of the day - as the next morning sucks most of the time. I had my first meal at around 12:00, and then at 18:00-19:00.
Although i ate less at the first meal, i felt way more satiated. It feels like when im eating dinner im "disconected" from my hunger/satiety signals, probably because my eating script needs some tuning up!

Also did around 60-70mins of slow walking today.
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Unread 05-20-2017, 01:17 AM
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Default long time no post

Hey everyone!

Back on the posting horse now.


Since my last update, i got through 6 weeks of rfl, followed by a 10 day diet break(my first one ever, which i f00ked up!)

I messed around with EOD refeeds for a week, and now im on the 2nd week of dieting after the break, while incorporating RFL.

Took a while to figure stuff out, the diet break was a huge lesson for me!

Todays Morning BW was at 86kg. Really stoked with the progress, and im expecting a lot more on my second stint of CAT2 dieting.

This is how i look right now:

As for training, all of my lifts went up/RPE decreased!

Best thing for me was switching from fullbody x2/week to upper/lower every other 1/2 days.Huge change in appetite, and didnt feel so rekt the day after training.

Will try to update weekly from now on.
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