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Unread 04-15-2018, 05:46 AM
shredordie shredordie is offline
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Default Do adaptations and other nasty stuff happen below 12%

A lot of what i read on these forums scare me quite a bit.. in terms of what people have to go through to get very lean (10% or below). claims of 2000 calorie maintenances for males which and having to eat 1500 just to lose 1lbs a week. I'm thinking to myself, this is a healthy male who is active and weight trains? Something can't be right here.. and then i made the correlation that most of these people are already extremely lean.

For someone like myself, who is relatively happy floating anywhere from 12 to 15%.. should i be worrying about all of these metabolic adaptations from dieting aggressively (RFL Style) or adapting to a lot of physical stress on the body (lots of walking which i've done in the past).. It seems like all of these said tools i use still help me maintain my goal of 12-15%, and my maintenance has never really deviated from 2500-2700.. So what i mean by this is, if i wanted to reach a certain weight, i wouldn't have to dip below a certain number in calories (which in my case was 2000-2200.. or in terms of physical stress, i wouldn't have to increase steps any further.. if that makes sense?

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