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Unread 07-26-2009, 05:54 PM
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Default Yohimbe FAQ

Q: What is yohimbe/yohimbine?

Yohimbe/yohimbine is an alpha-2 antagonist, meaning it inhibits the effect of alpha-2 receptors. This has many effects in teh body including to help mobilize stubborn bodyfat; it also has a tendency to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Other side effects are also possible and individuals prone to anxiety attacks must not use yohimbine. Yohimbe can also cause water retention which can mask fat loss.

Q: What is the difference between yohimbe and yohimbine?

Yohimbe is a herbal form of the compound. Most yohimbe products are extracted from some type of bark and contain not only yohimbe but a number of related alkaloids. The alkaloids can cause a number of odd side effects including chills and sweating.

Yohimbine HCL is the pure pharmaceutical form of the compound. It has far fewer side effects and is what I recommend. The big drawback to yohimbine HCL is that it's only available in 2.5 mg capsules and you end up having to take a handful to get an effective dose.

Q: What's the effective dose of yohimbine?

0.2 mg/kg bodyweight taken with caffeine 30-60 minutes before fasted cardio. So a 70 kg (154 lb) individual would take 14 mg. Since the pills are only available in 2.5 mg doses, the individuals would take 6 of them, getting 15 mg total.

Q: Why do I have to use yohimbine/caffeine fasted?

The increase in insulin from eating anything will negate the effect of yohimbine completely and the negative studies on yohimbine invariably used it in people who had eaten.

Q: I bought a herbal form of yohimbe that says it contains 1200 mg which is 10X what you say I should be taking. What's going on?

Of that 1200 mg bark, only a small percentage is actually yohimbine. So if it were standardized to 0.2% yohimbe alkaloids, each pill would contain 1200 mg * 0.002 = 2.4 mg active ingredient.

Q: The product I bought doesn't say what it's standardized too, how do I know how much is in each pill?

You can't. Throw it out and get a better product.

Q: Can I take yohimbine with ephedrine?

While some have done this, usually lean individuals at the end of a diet, I do NOT recommend this. The potential for side effects is multiplied with the combination. Heart rate and blood pressure can do some ludicrious things. Don't do it.

Q: I bought a fat burner containing yohimbine and ephedrine, why are they doing this if it's dangerous?

Check the label, odd are it only contains a few mg of yohimbe/yohimbine, far below the effective dose. They threw it in to get it on the label but it's a useless dose.

Q: What if I want to use yohimbe in the morning before cadrio and EC later in the day, how long do I have to wait?

Wait at least 4 hours after the dose of Y/C before taking EC so that the yohimbine can clear the system.

Q: My bottle says that women shouldn't take yohimbe, why?

There is an old (wrong) idea that yohimbine raises testoterone. This is becasue yohimbine can cause erections (by incresaing blood flow to the penis) and it was assumed for years that anything that caused erections did so by raising testosterone. Yohimbine has no hormonal effects.

Q: You mentioned water retention above, how long do I need to stop taking yohimbine to drop the water?

At least 3 days, you'll pee your brains out and then it will have cleared. This is important for pre-contest bodybuilders/figure/fitness athletes who are using yohimbine. It should be dropped early enough to get rid of any water before the show.
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